Geeky Educational Link Up #4

Geeky Educational Link UpHi everyone,

We have just joined on co hosting the Geeky Educational Link Up, which is opened weekly on Tuesdays. This party is hosted and co hosted by severals blogging homeschoolers to feature some posts around topics of science, sci-fi, and geeky things.

I am really sure that readers can get some ideas on science in the links shared here. I also wish that you can give your ideas on post linked here weekly.

Rules of the Galactic Highway 

  • Your post must be educational. 
  • Your post must fall into one of the following categories – Sci-Fi, Geekdom, or Science.
  • Check out what your hosts are up to. – We have been having some great Science, Geeky fun this week and we would love you to check it out. The Hosts will be the first few spots on the link up.
  • Follow the person above you or find your fandom and comment on at least one post. – Let’s make the universe a little smaller by sharing the love!
  • Have fun! – If I know the Sci/Fi, Geek, Science world I know you will have tons of fun with this! Keep the fandom conflict out of it though. Trekkies and Wookies can coexist!

If you are selected as the blog of the week I will be using a graphic from your post. If you link up you are agreeing to this.

A place where you can come each week to share your educational content with people who want education with a geeky twist.

From last week link up, here are some posts I would like to feature this week

Lizard Resource Page

You have collected wonderful information about lizard. Although I am scared of lizard, I love to see any of the information. We have a lot of lizards here. There are more than five of them walking on the balcony ceiling every night. Thank you for sharing.

Science Experiments for Kids

Science is a subject that needs a lot of preparation for experiments. They can come up by themselves, but they need to have guidance and creativity as well to make them more organized and impressing. Thank you for sharing.

Our Ant Factory

This looks like a great resource for observing Ants. It really makes me jealous. I wish we have one to observe Ants. Anyway, using some tranparent containers will do. Thank you very much for sharing. Love it a lot.



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