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Gradation Coloring with Crayon

Hi Everyone,

Today Tom would like to share the gradation coloring that he has learnt is his visual arts lesson with Global Arts, a drawing course franchise. Tom has once in a week lesson with Global Arts. He is in his third year having the drawing and painting program. Although he has never won any of the competition, he just really loves painting and drawing.

This month, to welcome Christmas Tom would like to color as many Christmas theme picture as he wants. Let’s see how it goes. I took the Christmas coloring pages for free from this sites:

Christmas Coloring Book Pages in Coloring Book Info . This is the most frequent site we visit to get some thematic coloring pages.

Christmas Coloring Pages in Free Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages in Coloring Page

Walking Through a Winter FUNderland in Free Fun Christmas

Global Arts Oil Pastel or any other oil pastel pack. It is better to have more colors series so the picture will look richer in colors. Tom uses the 56+4 pack colors. It is not sold in public. He likes using it as it has color code labels for each piece of crayon and it has 4pcs fluorescent colors. Sometimes he will use 55pcs Titi Oil Pastel or crayon for fun as his Global Arts oil pastels are very precious.

Oil Pastel Cover
Here is the color code label set that is included in the set:

Color Code Labels We cut the colour lines and put them on the edge of the pastels like this:

Global Art Oil Pastel

Here are some points to give notice:

  1. To do gradation, Tom will choose picture that has more space to explore colors or the gradation. He will avoid a lot of tiny and soft elements or ornament in the picture as they will reduce his chance to explore the gradation.
  2. Before he starts coloring, he would like to think about the colour composition and gradation first. There are some common colors he used for common objects:
    Some Common Colors for Some Common Gradation objects
  3. He usually starts with the light colored objects first and move to the darker and darker ones later.
  4. He divides each object he would like to do gradation into some parts, depend on how many colors of gradation he would like to do. On his first year, he just used 2 colors, but now he uses at least three colors for each gradation.
  5. In starting gradation, Tom would like to start from the light one in one object using gradation.
  6. Dealing with dark colors are very tricky. He will be extra careful so that the dark color will not make the light one dirty.
  7. In the transition from lighter to darker color of gradation, Tom blends the colors meet up so that it will look more natural and soft in color shifting.
  8. Body position or manner is very important in coloring using oil pastel. In another word is that cleanness is important to make sure that the color will not messy. Tom needs to be careful so that the paper is not folded and the color will not stick on his arms and elbow. He notice himself not to shift or move when he is coloring as moving or shifting hands and arms will make his color on the paper shift also, so that his work will look sloppy and messy.
  9.  There are some moving in coloring: circular and linear. Circular pastel or crayon moving will be usefull for circular shapes and its blending. It will the effect of unity. The linear moving will give “firmer” impression.
  10. Rechecking his work and tidy up is very important in finishing his coloring work. Usually Tom will recheck his coloring blend, pastel movement, and tidiness. Some white spots and miss movement will have special attention. Coloring outside the object will also needs some correction.

Gradation Colors

Tom is really familiar with the color codes. Once I pointed to one color, he could mention the code of the color. He also can mismatch color much better than his brothers. It gives effect to his choice of clothes, gifts, and things. It looks like “just coloring”, but it gives great impact towards his daily life, his taste, and his creativity. I never expect that he will be an artist one day, but he has something different that others rarely have.

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