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Grassland Unit Study Resources

Grassland Unit Study Resources

Grassland Unit Study ResourcesGrassland is a habitat where a few trees can grow and where grass is the acceptable mostly. Grassland is mainly divided into the temperate grassland or the prairie, which is located further from the equator, and the savannah, which is in the tropical area. Grassland is a semi-desert habitat which is dry and has grass. It is not as dry as the desert, but it is not like the forest. Therefore, when a grassland habitat gets drier, it can change into desert. By learning about grassland, children are asked to maintain their habitat so that it doesn’t get worse.

Today I will be very happy to share with my readers the Grassland unit study resources. Scroll down to the bottom and you will get 69 The Grassland Notebooking Pages for FREE if you are quite lucky or you can purchase it for only $3.95.

The Grassland Unit Study Resources

Blue Planet Biome – Grassland

There are some information about grassland with the problems or disasters that might happen due to the environmental condition.

Grassland Profile – National Geographic

Similar with other biome pages in the National Geography site, The grassland profile provides some photo gallery, green guide, environmental news, and some quizes about the grassland linked to other biomes. Children in the middle and upper grade of the elementary level will be suitable with this resource as they can make a discussion and argument about some problems might happen in grassland and also other features of grassland.

Do Ecology

Here are some information about grassland in general, animals, plants, weather, and people in short reading text with simple language for children in primary grade levels. There are also some links to other deeper information about grassland.

Africa’s 10 Best National Park

To know more about grassland, you don’t have to fly to Africa. In this site, you can see 10 best national parks in Africa in some great pictures without the real adventures.

A Passion for Science – African Savanah

This site contains some information about the physical factors of African savannah which include light, temperature, water, air, salinity, mineral salts, nutrients, and PH of the environments. There are also more information about classifications of living organism, food web, and interrelationship in ecosystem. Several links of the related information about African savannah are also available. This site will be great for middle and high school levels mostly, but you can also use them for highly interested children with the African savannah topics.

The Wild Classroom – Grassland

I really love the short video about the factors that make the temperate grassland. There are a couple of lesson plans, some problems on grassland, examples of grasslands that are in America, and also a couple of grassland animals. This site is growing and I am very sure that it will be the best of all when it has been completed.

Exploring Nature – Grassland

This website is basically paid to subscribe. If you and your children are very enthusiastic about the grassland topic, you might subscribe to the site for $25/year.

MBG Net – Grassland

This site is suitable for both lower and upper elementary levels. It provides information about grassland in both temperate and tropical types. There are around ten animal details that live in grassland.

Books Resources

We use references for exploring all habitats to get more comprehensive information. However, it is much better to add more specific both fiction and nonfiction books dealing with certain habitat, grassland in this case. Here are some book resources we would like to recommend.


First Nature Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference)

We use this book as a spine for learning some habitats. The language is simple and there are a lot of pictures. Children from age 7 to 12 love this book a lot.





Earth Matters: An Encyclopedia of Ecology

As it is an encyclopedia of ecology, this book provides more accurate information for children age 7 to 12 with smaller fonts than the previous book. The food chain of each biome is shown very clearly. It also has vivid picture for each biome.





Encyclopedia of Animals

The title of the book doesn’t show anything about habitats, but there are some chapters about biomes that help us to connect the animals to the related biomes.





Grassland Books

Safari, So Good!: All About African Wildlife (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)

In this series, the cat went to Africa with Nick and Sally. They met a lot of African animals. Children will learn about how to classify some of the animals and how to group them into the predators and preys. This book is suitable for children between 4 to 8 years old.





Life Cycles: Grassland (Lifecycles (Kingfisher))

This book is perfect to introduce children age 7-10 into grassland. There are some illustrated information about the 3 kinds of grassland based on the location with the animals live in.






Explore the Grasslands (Explore the Biomes)

If you are looking for a way to introduce grassland for children age 8-10, this book can be a great alternative. It discuss the plants, animals, and characteristics of the grassland biome.






America’s Prairies & Grasslands: Guide to Plants and Animals

This book has smaller letters and more specific information about prairies and grasslands in the America. Therefore, your middle school children will be more suitable to learn about the habitat with this book. Although it has smaller letters, it still has pictures so that children will be more interested rather than reading text books.





The Prairie That Nature Built

This book is suitable for children in preschools to Grade 2 levels. It introduces the life in the prairie in a form of verses with rhymes. I love the beautiful language and the illustration introducing the life under and on the ground of the prairie.





Plant a Pocket of Prairie

This book is suitable for children from grade 1 – 4 and older. It will lead to a good discussion about the relationship in a food web of prairie environment. When certain plant is missing, it will give effects to the animals and the habitats. Readers are asked to plant the prairie plants on the garden.





A Walk in the Prairie (Biomes of North America)

Children in the 4th grade and higher will be more suitable to read this book as it has smaller letters and more vocabulary.





If You’re Not From The Prairie

This is a poetic book that tell the readers about the alive description of the prairie. Readers are asked to feel the life in the prairie with the wild weather.






There are a lot of ways of exploring the grassland. It is not only about the earth science, but it is also about the arts, geography, and the geology. Here are some links I collect in my Source – habitat Pinterest board. You might follow my Pinterest board. Not all pins have links, but I sometimes like the picture of the pins:

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The Grassland Notebooking Pack

To help children documenting the grassland exploration, we just created The Grassland Notebooking Pack. It is a digital product. We hope that it would be a blessing for you and your children. For this week, December 14-20, 2015, you can download it for FREE.


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The Grassland Notebooking Pages are not free anymore, but they are available in a affordable price.

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