Is Handwriting a Matter?

The Importance of Handwriting

In the middle of the sophisticated technology growth, it will be very weird having our kids learning handwriting by copying and dictation. It is a very dull work to do for kids since whey were very young, isn't it? It sounds like a waste of time. The handwriting importance is getting decreased due to the advance technology.

Don't you think that it is enough for kids to be able to read and type using their gadget? At the same time, we should reduce our use of paper, shouldn't we? Such kinds of reasons often come up to show the oppose the “classic” ways of teaching and emphasizing handwriting or penmanship lessons in this modern days. I have ever been trapped to that kind of reasons.

The Importance of Handwriting

Handwriting Importance

However, without thinking of more scientific reasons and facts, Let's think about the real world need at the moment about how important it is to have a neat, fast and clear handwriting.

Handwriting can show your personality.

I can say that having a neat, clear, and fast handwriting will show a much better personality. It doesn't come by itself like an angel goes down from heaven, but it can be learned and practiced.

Handwritten Reports

Some kinds of reports still need a neat, clear, and fast handwriting. You might not be a finance officer or director, but you should have got to make a financial or money report for your organization, family, church, school, parents, or just for your private necessity. A clear and neat handwriting will prevent you from miscalculation.

Job Demands

There are a lot of occupations or job that ultimately need fast handwriting (but might not be so clear. It is great to have it clear). Being a waiter or waitress, a grocery sale who receives orders from a customer, and a secretary need a fast handwriting. They cannot just memorize what others are talking, but they need to have the record most of the time. You might say that you can replace the function of fast handwriting with audio recorder, but it is usually needed some handwritten record. Even there is also a unique skill of stenography needed to record things. I remember what my mom did when I was in the kindergarten. My teacher asked all parents to write down what their children sing to make sure that the children could absorb the words taught by the teacher. My mom used her stenograph to record me singing. I think it would be useful too when you want to take a note a lyric from a song you like.

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Fill in Traditional Forms

Filling in some forms have to use handwriting. Saving and withdrawing money from the bank in Indonesia also needs to have handwriting. Registration forms usually and mostly use handwriting. A clear, careful and neat handwriting are really needed here. It doesn't need calligraphy here, but a just clear, careful, and neat handwriting will be enough to prevent any mistakes or misunderstanding.

Clear Communication

Handwriting is one kind of communication means for the rest of people's life (should be like that). Although the percentage of using it might be decreased from time to time, it is still needed. It will be easier to communicate in a clear and neat form, than with something untidy and unclear. Even you still need to write agenda and notes for yourself most of the time.

The Crafty Classroom

Written Test and Information

Students still need to continue their education during which they still have to communicate with their teachers until they finish their school. They still need to do written test.

Social Communication

There are some cases in social life that need handwriting. Writing a love letter is one example of them. Using handwriting to write a love letter should be more eligible, I think. Giving a message to a college, secretary, or professor might not be always typed. In most letters, except the computer generated ones, still need handwritten signatures. It is a sign that handwriting is still important.

Improving Handwriting

Whether you use manuscript or cursive, a clear, neat, and fast eligible handwriting is still an important matter that needs to be practiced with discipline by everyone since they are young. Even when you have had sloppy and untidy handwriting, you can improve and change your handwriting like what we did. All of my children and I have changed our handwriting by practicing together. Here are some pictures of my exercise book. I did it ten years ago.





The Queensland Writing practice I borrowed from my Queensland teacher buddy was very useful. I just felt the handwriting style in the book was so beautiful. It made me learn like an elementary student without any purpose. I love it a lot and often use it until I forget my original writing. Until right now, my children's handwriting have similar style with mine, but not exactly the same.

Some Resources to Practice Handwriting

  • Various templates of printed paper for handwriting practice and other necessities is provided in printed paper
  • When you would like to know and practice some types of handwriting styles, don't forget to visit Draw Your World
  • A great handwriting worksheet maker website is available in Handwriting Worksheet. It only has some styles of handwriting, so it is very lucky if it has yours.
  • Some kinds of pretty cursive fonts are available in Font Space. You can install some of them to your computer.
  • Handwriting lessons, tools, and resources for kids are available in Handwriting for Kids. Some links might not work well, but it still has some tools that you can use for free.
  • This is a great resource for you to learn Queensland handwriting: QCursive. I think I also need to learn here.

How do you feel about your handwriting?

Is it important teaching penmanship in elementary school?

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  1. Amy says:

    What a neat infographic! I always wonder if those are true, but no matter what they are fun to read! Thanks for sharing. Of course I agree that teaching children to write well is so important even in this age of technology!

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Is Handwriting a Matter?

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