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Helpful Interactive Homeschool Math Curriculum for Middle School

Helpful Interactive Homeschool Math Curriculum for Middle School

Hi everyone,

I am very happy to share our mathematic curriculum supplement that we have been using for a couple of months, Unlock Math. There are some unique personal story behind our experience using this interactive homeschool math curriculum.

The first time we enrolled to Unlock Math, I didn’t feel it was a special program, for honest. I accepted the chance for review actually for my younger son. We have already joined other interactive math programs previously when he was in the elementary years and he has finished the program. We just thought they were similar. In the middle of our way, I changed my mind. I feel my eldest son needs this program more urgently since we have been involved in more frequent argument during the maths lessons.

It is not a guarantee that children who were very enthusiastic in the elementary level maths will be able to perform as great as they were when they step on the middle school level. It happens with my son. The hormonal changes in the puberty period has changed their emotion and mood to be unstable. On some occasion, we argue for some trivial things, including maths. Maybe I am also not too confident so that he can feel that. We just feel how great we can minimize the argument by enrolling my son to Unlock Math. That is our personal benefit using Unlock Math. Today I would like to share the benefits of using Unlock Maths  as a helpful interactive homeschool math curriculum for Middle School.

Benefits of Learning with Unlock Maths for Parents

  1. It has a timetable that both my son and I can keep and put in our schedule.
    As a teenager, he loves being able to look important and mature. Having private schedule from him to do, he really feel that he is an adult. It gives him a sense of responsibility.
  2. The program is systematic that makes a great routine for children to follow
    Each sub topic will have warm up, video, practice problem, stay sharp, and challenge yourself. In the end of the section he will get a copy of related reference.
  3. I am not worried about the grading or progress.
    There is an automatic grading system in this program for each activity so that I can control his work without assisting all of the time.
  4. I am happy that my son can learn from the expert.
    Honestly, my country refuses the video player. However, even using the PDF files, he can learn a lot and I am really peaceful for that. He said that the printed explanation is much clearer than the book. It seems he has learnt from a real expert.
  5. The chance to review and to master the concept
    It seems I don’t need to provide another resources to get him review the same concepts. Even he can use the skills in the interactive program for word problems in the mathematic book we use at the moment

What My Son Said about Unlock Maths

Unlock Math shows me how to work accurately, fast, and responsible.

The timer doesn’t appear in the working space, but the report has the time of working. He knows that the name will never be returned so he try hard to work fast. He also need to be responsible to finish his work for every step.

Unlock Math is easy to operate.

I can see that my son can do anything by himself once I gave him the username and the password. I don’t need to help at all. Although it is not a game based, he just can operate it with a blink.

The questions and instructions are clear in some steps

In each section he finds that warming up will remind him to the previous section. He feels that in every single topic there aren’t any contrast difficulty. The flow of difficulty is quite smooth.

I am the boss of my maths

He can go and review whenever he wants to. I think it is important as a strong foundation in basic will make the next step smoother. Of course he is not really the boss as I also can control what he does and I still can help or encourage him.

One question at once

He is very happy as he can see only one question at once. It is not like using the text book that shows some or a lot of questions at once. It has a great influence for him since he is not going to be discouraged reading so many questions. I think it is good also for those who hates maths

How To Get Unlock Math Pre-Algebra

Right now, Unlock Math is available for Pre-Algebra. There will be also Algebra I and II launched soon. Of course we are very excited to use them after being introduced with the Pre-Algebra.

Unlock Math is a subscription based homeschool math curriculum. The regular price for Unlock Math Pre-Algebra is $59/month or $349 per year. That’s one year of instruction, problems, assessments, and grading. You don’t need to use workbook or do other work preparing things! I wish I had known Unlock Math before this year.

The good news is that you can use the special code iHSN for an additional 30% off subscription until March 31, 2015.

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Unlock Math is giving away 100 lucky people – 1 month subscriptions! Who knows you are one of them!

Disclaimer: I was given free access to for the purpose of review. I was also compensated for my time writing a blog post about our experiences with The opinions expressed are my own.

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