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10 Unexpected Conditions That Can Threaten Your Homeschool

The endpoint of homeschool is being burnout. Here are 10 most common homeschool burnout triggers threatening homeschooling families.

It is not easy to stay consistent with the decision to homeschool children after going through some process of making a decision. The endpoint homeschool is being burnout. It means to stop homeschool children. After homeschooling for a decade, I can see the 10 most common homeschool burnout triggers threatening homeschool families around the world.

There are 3 steps to homeschool burnout. First of all, is the triggers. They are some conditions that can lead to the final decision to homeschool burnout. Some of these conditions are really not predictable and extreme. Next, too much pressure from the triggers will lead parents to doubt and re-question the decision to homeschool children. Finally, the parents make the decision, whether to continue or to burnout homeschool.

The endpoint of homeschool is being burnout. Here are 10 most common homeschool burnout triggers threatening homeschooling families.

10 Most Common Homeschool Burnout Triggers

Family member Sickness

Who wants to get sick? Nobody wants to get sick. People don’t always stay healthy. However, a long-term sickness is something that can ruin everything we have planned and dreamed to achieve. What a grievous situation when it happens in a homeschool family, especially to mothers or parents who usually teach and help the children.

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Emergency “Momma Getting Sick” Lessons

What happens when a homeschool mom gets long-term sickness? You can imagine, how panic her husband and she will be.

  • Will getting homeschool burnout is the best decision to make?
  • Isn’t there any alternatives to help children learning academic lessons?
  • What about the online classes?
  • Should you change to another homeschool method with less control and more learning independence?

What happens when any child is being the victim of long-term sickness? He or she won’t be able to stay longer doing the lessons. In addition, mom will be stressed when she has to leave the homemaking works and other homeschooled children just to pay attention to the sick child? Isn’t it better to end the homeschool with him or her? Well, as long as the child wants to learn and is able to communicate, I don’t think it is wise to stop him or her learning. Here are some questions to think about

  • Is it possible for you to work cooperatively with other family members, like his or her siblings or father, to assist?
  • Will it be better to use oral lessons that don’t need any writing or probably silent reading? Thus the sick child still can learn by listening and speaking.
  • Have you thought of using audiovisual resources to help the learning process in a well managed time?


Pregnancy is like a bomb for most homeschool moms who experience it for the first time. It is both good and bad news at the same time. The fatigue and stress during pregnancy will make homeschool burnout triggers, especially for those who have problems in pregnancy that force them to do bed rest. There will be a lot of negative thinking that leads to end your homeschool.

  • Why don’t you play a role like “a boss” who has short meetings with the employee to do briefings at a certain time that suits you? You can use the time to explain and probably get someone to record you in case they forget or just to review.
  • Is it possible to assign them some homeworks or projects in a daily checklist? In your idle time, you can work on what they need to do and create a list out of your idea to communicate to children. If you prefer to use the electronic devices, I would like to recommend Homeschool Plannet to help.

You will only have to work on the pregnancy and the postpartum in around 1 year before you will deal with homeschooling with babies that will give another thing to worry about. Don’t think too far. Just enjoy your moments to welcome a new life in your family. Even, you should consider it as a life lesson for your children.

No Job

Your financial condition when you start homeschool your children might be different from what it is. There might be some unexpected shocks that happen to your financial condition due to the jobless hubby.

When the finance crises happen, you will definitely support and help him to get income that can help everyone struggle. You can choose to work at home or outside. In this case, you might need to follow these ideas

  • Have you thought to change your lesson time schedule?
  • Isn’t it the time for you to help them to be more independent?

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Too many “Socialization” activities

Have you been confident enough to homeschool children? Most new homeschoolers are still worried that their children can be weirdos that cannot perform well in public and social live.

Thus, many homeschool moms try to manage some socialization events. There are usually a lot of playdates and community gatherings that ruin the “classroom time”.

Both children and moms will be too tired after they go home and they will feel too exhausted to learn. You can predict what happens next. All of the lesson plans are not delivered to learners as schedule. There will be too many delays to catch up. As a result, you will lose your belief in homeschool decisions.

  • Do you really need to help children socialization?
  • Do you think they feel happy with the make up playdates?
  • What is your priority to homeschool children?
  • Isn’t it possible to restart your homeschool with your original visions and missions?

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No Planning

To start a year, homeschool moms usually plan diligently. In the middle of the year, the enthusiasm will usually faded. It depends on each person.

In any terms, inconsistency in planning will endanger the planner. It is said

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin
Ultimate Life Planner

When a homeschool mom starts to plan rarely, she will reduce the enthusiasm to homeschool children likely. If it happens continuously, this habit can lead to homeschool burnout triggers.

It doesn’t happen to homeschool only. When we start to loose in planning, our motivation and enthusiasm will usually lessen at the same time. What do you think?

The questions now:

  • How are you going to be more consistent in planning your homeschool?
  • Why don’t you plan together with your children since they are young?
  • Isn’t it possible that children give you inspirations and ideas to your homeschool and you put it into your plan?

Too Tight Planning

Regular planning in your homeschool will make you more confident and motivated. However, too much things to put in your plan will make you overwhelmed and exhausted. Being extreme with too tight expectations can fade your motivation and enthusiasm. Thus, it is not surprising that you are led to the homeschool burnout triggers by doing too tight planning.

Have you experienced this? Too tight planning will absorb too much energy and when you are lack of energy, you will get bored and lost. Then, finally you will be sick of planning and being burnout.

  • Instead of putting all of your inspirations and ideas that you want to share with your children at the same time block, why don’t you keep them spread?
  • Once you spread out your plans, isn’t it better to add another simple things to explore?
  • Do you think that young learners have shorter span of concentration than the older ones?

Enter High School

When you start homeschooling children, do you plan the time to send children back to the public school? Yes, I do. I planned to homeschool children until they finish middle school. Then I wanted to put them back to high school.

The time between middle and high school is usually very crucial to review our decision in homeschool. On top of that, children who start homeschool earlier, might be interested to go to the public high school because they forget how it feels going to school.

Well, you can discuss it with children because in this age they are considered mature already.

  • Have children known the pros and cons of homeschool and going to the public school?
  • Do children have a specific interest to explore more seriously? How are they going to work on it when they go to the public school?
  • In your environment, is going to high school safe and suitable with children?
  • Do you think children have been mature enough?

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Too Much Side Hustles and Errands

Being a stay at home mom might have temptations to help your husband increasing incomes. You might also enjoy helping others by doing errands to prevent boredom of staying at home.

Going out of homeschool things will be fun and can bring back your energy. However, it might lead you to the homeschool burnout triggers if you cannot control your time and energy well. You will forget that you are a homeschool mom who has children who rely on you in their young ages.

  • Isn’t it better for you to put your highest focus on the investment for your children? I sometimes think that homeschooling means investment to your children.
  • Do you prefer a long term investment for both your children and yourself or a short term investment for yourself? When you keep being consistent in homeschool children, your mind and work will focus on them. You might not see the benefits right now, but the consistency will bring a better future. On the other hand, splitting your focus might give more profits right now, while it will abandon your children if you lose control.

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Too much expectations, comparisons, and inflexibilities

Living in the world of home education will face you with the benefits of flexibility in many different ways. Have you been in an argument of this flexibility matter with either your husband, parents, or anyone around you? They might remind you to have a higher expectation toward children for their sake in the future.

It often happens to me that I think I need to be stricter toward my children with higher expectations. I compare my children to others and give them more pressure. As a result, everyone suffered out of the pressures that I create by myself. The chained patterns are homeschool burnout triggers that will threaten your homeschool life.

  • Should you always compare your children to others? Doesn’t each of them have unique characters?
  • What are your visions and missions to homeschool children? Why don’t you return on the right track?

Physical House Changes

House renovation and house moving are a couple of examples of the physical house changes. They will usually make your homeschool unstable. There will be a lot of adaptations and adjustments that make homeschool unstable.

It happened to our homeschool during the Covid-19 pandemic. We had 7 months house renovation during the pandemic that made me give less attention to children. Our house conditions were also very dirty, chaos, and noisy. It was very annoying to study in that situations.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any choice because we could not send our children to the public school as well due to the stay-at-home policies. Even, those who used to attend the public schools had to do distance learning at home. If there wasn’t the pandemic, we might have had sent our children to the public school.

If you experience the physical house change, let’s think some questions:

  • Will it be better to spend more time doing some adaptations with the new changes so you can study faster once the changes finish?
  • Will you involve children in the family project? Won’t they learn something from this occasion as well?
  • Is it possible to alternate the learning time into studying at night?

How to deal with the Homeschool Burnout Triggers

When you start to question your decision to homeschool children, you might need to think more and do some reflections. What do you do Before The Homeschooling Being Burnt Out? Check out that article to get more encouragements and inspirations.

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