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Homeschool Classroom Organization Ideas

It is not easy to get some homeschool classroom organization ideas as what we need and what we have. Here are some homeschool classroom images to give you ideas to organize your study better. #Homeschool #Organization #IHSNet #Classroom

Homeschool doesn’t mean to transfer the school classroom and policy at home. Whatever it is called, the existence of a space where kids can learn or study regularly will support children in learning. Most homeschool families are blessed with the freedom to manage the learning process. Therefore, arranging a homeschool classroom should also be flexible. Today I would like to share some homeschool classroom organization ideas and examples to inspire you. If you want to know more details, you can click each image. They will bring you to the post to explain more details about the homeschool classroom organization ideas.

Our homeschool classroom changes from time to time, based on children growth and our need that change as well.

  1. We didn’t have a specific classroom for the first time. I didn’t capture images for the first study place we had.
  2. In our second year, we use our living room as the study room.

    Kids will watch television in the afternoon or evening in the same room after they finished learning.
  3. We start to have a homeschool classroom in the beginning ouf our third year of homeschooling kids. We did some renovation and here is how it looks like.
  4. We do some changes based on the children’s need and growth. We use other rooms to study rather than staying in our new homeschool room.
  5. We didn’t do too much changes in the next couple of homeschool years. We just changed the directions of the tables.
  6. Here is our last homeschool classroom look like. We changed the workboxes we had because of they were broken and kids are getting older and we found already another way of learning.

It is not easy to get some homeschool classroom organization ideas as what we need and what we have.

It is not easy to get some homeschool classroom organization ideas as what we need and what we have. Here are some homeschool classroom images to give you ideas to organize your study better. #Homeschool #Organization #IHSNet #Classroom

Homeschool Classroom Organization Ideas

Plan your homeschool room components

Planning once again takes a great role in the homeschool classroom organization. Try to brainstorm and map the components of homeschool classroom you would like to have. They don’t have to be luxurious and pricey.

How to Create Your Perfect Homeschool Space from Kingdom First Homeschool

4 Must-Haves for Every Homeschool Room (Even if You Don’t Have a Designated Homeschool Room) from the Sparrow’s Home

Organize your home and homeschool with this planner and eCourse bundle

You can also arrange your room based on the homeschool vision you have. I like how Jessica from Intentional in Life arranges her homeschool classroom based on the love of learning she wants her children to have by being homeschooled.

Intentional HOMEschool space and the set up

Homeschool without Classroom

There are a lot of homeschool families don’t have any spare room for a classroom. If you experience this case, you might like to visit There’s No Place Like Home. This post has wonderful tips for homeschooling without a classroom. 

You might also want to read:
Homeschooling When There’s No Homeschool Room by Forgetful Momma

You can watch some tips in this video below

Give a High Priority to BooksWell organized private homeschool library

Are you book lovers? Do you have an access to the library? We don’t have any access to the library, so we invest a lot of books for children. I really love how The Musings of Mum homeschool classroom is well organized. The book organization is very amazing that will make everyone access to the area more easily.

For more tips in organizing books in homeschool, you can check out:

5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Homeschool Book from Classically Homeschool

How I Organize My Homeschool Books from Classically Homeschool

How I Organize All Our Sonlight Curriculum Books from Soaring Arrows

Make a Magic for Any Room

Making an Unfinished Basement into a Homeschool Room

Who says that a homeschool family needs to build a new room used as a homeschool room? Even if you have an unfinished basement, you still can create a homeschool room out of it. Check out the homeschool room from Line upon Line Learning

Yes, homeschool classroom can use small space as well as sharing space, like the dining room in Faith and Good Works.

You also can expand your properties on the walls you have and also behind the door like the homeschool classroom in Blog She Wrote.

I adore how Learning Mama camouflages the homeschool room in the other room seamlessly. She doesn’t have a special “schoolroom”, but all of the learning activities are done around the house. The kitchen and the living room can function as a homeschool room in a flash without reducing the comfortability.

Homeschooling without a schoolroom


Engaging Environment

Homeschooling the younger ages is much more complicated in the organization. To make the environment more engaging for them, you can add:

  • a calendar area with some posters and chores organization
  • a reading area
  • a writing (Desk and chair) area
  • a floor area to snuggle or to play.

Because of the crowded room, it is great when you can teach children to tidy up or put everything back to the right place since it is in the beginning. For young learner homeschool room, I really adore the kindergarten homeschool room of the homeschool resource room

Homeschool Room for younger learners

Consider to Use Technology and to Store Them Well

Technology is very important to the breath of modern day homeschool. Therefore, you need to provide storage to keep them in the homeschool classroom.
Homeschool Techonology

Build A Tidy Habit and Routine

Keep your homeschool classroom being organized sounds impossible for most families. However, being organized is also a part of life skills that everyone, including parents, need to make it a routine and strategies. for this purpose, you can follow 4 tips from one disorganized homeschool mom to another at Unhurried Home

An Organized Space for an Unorganized Homeschooler

Talking about the habit of organizing a homeschool classroom, you will need to check out Tips For An Organized Home Centered Homeschool Room from Soaring Arrows

Tips for an organized Home Centered Homeschool Room

Open Space Homeschool Room

A homeschool room doesn’t have to be a closed room with a door that we can open and close. I really like the idea of Emily from Table Life Blog. This family has an open room where people can see anything about homeschool. Visitors might guess that it is a homeschool family once they enter the house, I think. With the open space, children are forced to be tidy all of the time and parents can watch them work from anywhere and in anytime.

Build a More Mature Atmosphere for the Highschoolers

I completely agree with Susan from that highschoolers will feel more comfortable in a more elegant and mature environment. They will have a more independent learning habits. You can check out their simple and yet useful room.

Being Organized with Baskets

I love using baskets for our homeschool because we can organize anything better with them. Kids from toddlers to high schoolers can use baskets to make their stuff more portable and organized. Here are some ideas to organize homeschool classrooms with baskets from IKEA

Toddler Activity Center

Toddler Activity Center, A DIY Ikea Hack for Homeschool Moms from Not So Formulaic

IKEA for Homeschool

IKEA for Homeschool from Hodgepodge

Using the Workbox System

I use the workbox system in the beginning of our homeschool Each child has a set of boxes and they useeach box for a specific subject or lesson in sequence. If you want to know more about the workbox system, you might need to check out:

Sue Patrick's Workbox System A User's GuideSue Patrick’s Workbox System A User’s Guide

This system works well for us. You can see in Centered at Home homeschool organization

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