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College Prep Science: Homeschool Online Science Curriculum

I would like to share how College Prep Science will be a great homeschool online science curriculum that can help you solve the problem you might have with children.

Science can be a problematic subject in the homeschool learning process, especially for the high school level children. Today I would like to share how College Prep Science will be a great homeschool online science curriculum that can help you solve the problem you might have with children. I was compensated for my time in writing this post.  All opinions are my own and I’m genuinely thrilled to partner with College Prep Science.

If you are looking for a Homeschool Online Science Curriculum, you have popped up in the right place.

homeschool online science curriculum

Why We Need Homeschool Online Science Curriculum

It is very simple to get reasons for subscribing to an online science curriculum.

  1. Mathematics is the basic subject of most scientific major or fields. It has been hard work for most people to deal with high school mathematics. Several science concepts, such as physics and chemistry, need mathematics calculations. I am not scaring you. If you don’t want to get busier with this matter, it is better to outsource these subjects to the online curriculum.
  2. Teaching high schoolers, especially science, demands more time when they need more help. Meanwhile, your other children might be ignored while you are accompanying them. To be fair with all of your children, outsourcing is an alternative way.
  3. Several science hands-on activities or experiments need lab equipment which is either too difficult to get or pricey. In addition, parents will need to dedicate time to observe them doing experiments. This might be the most common reason to subscribe to an online science curriculum

College Prep Science

Founder and Teacher

Greg Landry and his wife homeschooled their two daughters who have graduated from college. He grew up in French / Acadian South Louisiana. He played baseball and football in college, and holds a master of science degree from Louisiana State University. Greg was also a college professor soon after.

He has spent over 20 years of teaching science. He taught students at a university and thousands of homeschooled students. While mentoring students to pursue science / pre-med degrees, he has designed and directed university anatomy and labs. He also published and presented scientific research. So far, Greg has academically counseled hundreds of college pre-professional sophomores and juniors. He has designed some science labs for homeschooled students. He writes some lab manuals as well.

It was ten years ago he created the “pre” classes (Pre-Biology, Pre-Anatomy & Physiology, Pre-Chemistry, and Pre-Physics) to minimize the pressure of high school science and to prepare middle school students for high school.

Homeschool Online Science Curriculum

Based on the biblical view of science, they offer live, online homeschool science classes for 6th-12th graders:

  • Biology – College Prep (9th-12th) – Two Semester Class
  • Life Prep Biology (8th-12th) – Two Semester Class
  • Chemistry – College Prep (10th-12th) – Two Semester Class
  • Life Prep Chemistry (9th-12th) – Two Semester Class
  • Physics – College Prep (10th-12th) – Two Semester Class
  • Life Prep Physics (9th-12th) – Two Semester Class
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (9th-12th) – Two Semester Class
  • Exercise and Sports Physiology (8th-12th) – One Semester Class
  • Pre-Anatomy & Physiology (6th-9th) – One Semester Class
  • Pre-Chemistry (6th-9th) – – One Semester Class

​One Semester Online Homeschool Science Classes Starting January, 2020 (Spring Semester, January 2020 – May 2020)

  • Pre-Biology (6th-9th) – One Semester Class
  • Pre-Physics (6th-9th) – One Semester Class
  • Forensic Science & Human Anatomy (8th-12th) – One Semester Class

One Semester Online Classes Starting May 2020 (Summer Semester, May 2020 – August 2020)

  • Embryology – The Magnificence of Human Development (9th-12th) – One Semester Class
  • Introduction to Biochemistry / Microbiology (9th-12th) – One Semester Class

Besides the online classes, the instructor travels all over the country to do two-day science lab intensives, and offers online prep for both the ACT and CLEP tests

College Prep Science will be a great homeschool online science curriculum

Benefits of College Prep Science

  • It is very helpful to prepare the real and academic life of students
  • Reduce the worrisome of teaching high school science
  • You will feel more secure that students can cover all the science concepts and materials.
  • Work in a Community with Other Students
  • Homeschool Online Science Program with the Biblical point of view
  • Qualified in real-life science teacher
  • Live Interaction online and offline program
  • Provided graded tests and assignments

August 2019 Planning

There are several programs in the College Prep Science agenda that will be launched on August 2019:

  • Podcast called Homeschool Moms Science Podcast geared toward helping homeschool moms to teach science.
  • Homeschool Science Research Journal for Homeschooled 8th – 12th grade students
  • Homeschool Science Art Journal for Homeschooled 8th – 12th grade students


Interested in the program? You can get the best price by using code H8 for an 8% discount on any class at College Prep Science. Promo code expires August 30, 2019.


Meanwhile, this online program is also offering a giveaway of an online science class ($680 value). One winner will be announced in the newsletter on August 30, 2019. That winner may choose from one of these classes: 

  • College Prep Biology (grades 8-12)
  • Life Prep Biology (grades 8-12)
  • College Prep Chemistry (grades 9-12)
  • Life Prep Chemistry (grades 8-12)
  • College Prep Physics (grades 10-12)
  • Life Prep Physics (grades 9-12)
  • Pre-Biology and Pre-Anatomy & Physiology (grades 6-9)
  • Pre-Chemistry and Pre-Physics (grades 6-9)
  • Exercise & Sports Physiology and Forensic Science (grades 8-12)
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (grades 9-12)

Because it’s an online class, anyone in the world is eligible! What a great value! Why don’t you visit the website to sign up. Click the image below

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