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When Homeschooling Moms Fight

Homeschooling Moms fight often happens personally and in some homeschool communities, support groups, and coops. How do you deal with it?

When Homeschooling Moms FightHow do you start homeschooling? Do you start alone as a family? Do you try to find a community or a support group to get more encouragement, back up, and to learn from those whom you think more senior than you? Starting homeschooling  separated from others was too scary for me. I was worried if I didn’t get the latest updates. At the same time, I wanted kids know that they are not the only ones homeschooled. Those are some reasons to join several homeschool communities or support groups.

How about you? Do you join homeschooling or parenting groups? It is great to meet people that have similar homeschooling backgrounds, isn’t it? That is what I feel as well. However, it often happens that there are some quarrels of the members. Well, not in homeschooling groups that fighting can happen. In any both official and not official organization, it often happens.

It is not only in groups that homeschooling mom fights or arguments happen. Some personal things often give triggers to fight. However, I classify the fights specifically homeschooling mom fight because they involve homeschooling matters. They happen among homeschooling moms or homeschooling mom vs non-homeschooling moms

Reasons for Homeschooling Moms Fight


It is not always easy to get several homeschooling moms with different methods talk together to share their thoughts and experience. There are some points when they touch the topic of homeschooling methods. When Moms cannot handle their emotion, they will arrive to the debate about which homeschooling method is the best. In the end, they will point the personal or unique routines.

Well, it is really suggested when for homeschooling moms not to touch the homeschooling method comparison outside an organize forum. There should be a moderator in an organize forum, so that the debate will not end as a quarrel.

It is useless to compare the homeschooling methods in a debate because they have been quite old. In addition, every method will change or will be different in results when they are applied in the real life in different families. Each family is unique


“Saxon Math is better than Math Mammoth”
“I don’t think so. My children had Math Saxon and they got deadly bored. Math U See has better ways to explain the concept”
“Singapore Math is more advance and kid can have better foundation in problem solving”
“My children hate problem soling a lot, so they can cry using the Singapore Math. It only can lead children into Math burn out”

Such kind of chatting can also lead to a chance to fight among homeschooling moms. Have you experienced it? I would like to say that curriculum comparison that leads to a promotion is absurd. I am very sure that you don’t sell the curriculum. You don’t get money by promoting certain curriculum. Even if you get money, that is not the way you promote a product by lowering other products.

What are other things that make homeschooling mom fight?

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