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10 Best Homeschooling Tools and Storage We Can’t Live without

Kids don't attend school in a school building. We need some helpful homeschooling tools and storage to make our life easier.

Homeschooling has taken away my working and homemaking life a lot. Kids don’t attend school in a school building. We need some helpful homeschooling tools and storage to make our life easier. To get us more organized, we need to equip ourselves with some tools and storages supporting our teaching and learning process. At the same time, kids will feel more enthusiastic in learning.

We started our homeschooling without these tools, but along with the time, we save some money and purchase great tools one by one. They didn’t come up at once. Once we have them, it is quite hard to live without them.

10 Best Homeschooling Tools and Storage We Can't Live with

Here are some tools that I really love:

Paper trimmer

P1030057I have a couple of paper trimmer a slide and a guillotine. I use slide for only paper and a piece of plastic cover, but I use the guillotine for laminated ones.

Plastic spiral binder

P1030056I bought it in ACE Hardware with large discounted price. I bought the plastic regularly. Rather than binding the books with staples, I prefer using this binder tool as we can see whole opened book better.

3 ring hole punch

P1030058I was proud of having this hole punch as it was very difficult to find in our local store. It was uncommon here using three ring binder. Most binder sold and used are the two ring ones. I prefer using 3 ring binder as the paper won’t be shaken and folded easily.

The 3 ring hole punch has worn out right now. I just purchased another tool to replace this one: Adjustable Drill Punch. I can adjust the hole into 2 or 3. It can work on 250 pieces of paper at once.

10 Best Homeschooling Tools and Storage We Can't Live with

2 kinds of paper drawers

P1030069We use three different kinds of white A4 sized paper. The 70gr paper is used for most of black and white materials or books printed by the laser printer. The 80gr paper is used for most colored material or books printed by the inject printer. The 150gr paper or rather the card stock is rarely used for covers. Those paper is kept in our three stage plastic drawer each of which can hold 1 rime of paper. We also use 10 different color paper for our note booking and lapbooking activities. Those colorful paper is kept in our 10 staged document drawer.

Kids’ desks and workbox

P1030077Those 3 kids desks were ordered by request to a traditional furniture market. They sizes 80cm x 60cm. Each has a drawer which is split into some parts for kids keeping their journal, pencils, eraser, and rulers. The workbox is used for our organising our learning schedule 


P1030074We keep our workbooks and textbooks in a 3 x 4 boxed metal locker. Each person has a couple of boxes, including my husband’s and mine. The other 2 boxes are used to keep our music books and some unfinished craft.

Cabinet for lab kits

P1030071 We stored our science supplies like: microscope, digital microscope, glasswares, thermometers, magnets, powder, magnifying glass, etc in a glass cupboard. I put all of the glassware in the red box so they won’t get dusty. We also keep the rest of colorful paper in this storage.

Laser jet printer

c02995553I use a couple of printers to do all of my printing job. To print black and white documents, I use HP Laserjet2035. I am very happy with this printer as it is very fast and economic.

Three Legged Whiteboard

P1030072This whiteboard replaces our bigger whiteboard which was already broken. It is 70cm x 100cm sized. It still hasn’t got its station yet, so we have to move it to the wall before and after schooling time.

Open hanging folder container

P1030066I just bought this storage 2 months ago. It organizes my photocopied or printed materials based on the days, weeks, and subjects. It is really helpful so far as I don’t need to put them in my own locker and then forget to give them.


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  1. yulie says:

    This is so organized. Where did you find the workboxes? Terus pernah lihat map yang biasa dipakai untuk lapbook Ga? Yg bisa dibuka ditengah bukan map yang biasa. Am I making any sense?

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