How A Homeschooling Mom Rewards Herself

Being a mom is a life choice for women. Some women think that it is a life call. It is a never ending story since she has a baby till she has grandchildren or even further than that. Whichever stage of life her and her children have, she is still a mom either biological or legal. Accompanying her children to face the real life is quite a hard work. The mom's work is getting harder when she chooses to be a homeschooling mom or she might not have any other choice for being a homeschooling mom. However, homeschooling mom rewards are necessary.

That is the choice that I have already chosen. I don't know how long I will still be a homeschooling mom. There are a lot of energy to spend to be a homeschooling mom of 3 boys. I wonder what my life would be without any rest as a reward for myself. I think whatever life happens, all homeschooling moms need mom time to reward themselves.

Being homeschooling moms is very tiring and we need some chance to reward ourselves. Here are some ways how a homeschooling mom rewards herself.

Why Homeschooling Moms need to Reward Themselves

You Deserve It

The main reason for homeschooling moms to reward themselves is just because they need deserve it. Homeschooling moms have multiple roles in the family life. They are the teachers, the home manager, the driver (most of them), the babysitter (not all) and there might be other roles. Teachers, drivers, and babysitters are paid, but homeschooling moms are not paid. Those professions have holidays and leave time. Well, it doesn't mean that they have to claim as employees.

Refresh Your Energy

Like a machine, we need also some rest to make us refreshed in our daily work. When a machine works too long, it will get hot and will easily broken finally. It is not only for homeschooling moms, but all things need rest naturally. Some mom time is going to be useful and meaningful to refresh the energy in managing the family life. Having some daily refreshing time will be like a vitamin to reboot the energy.

Kill The Boredom

Everyone should have a limit. Whether you are aware or not, there is a time when you feel the boredom of doing the daily routines and work. Even when you have already received your fate, I believe you have your own strategy to kill the boredom directly or indirectly.

Let Kids Know Your Needs

By having some mommy time to renew yourself, your children would understand you better that you have the limit. They will be able to respect and understand you better sooner or later. (Don't expect and demand it too much, but you still have more chance)

Organize my homeschool

Simple Daily Homeschooling Mom Rewards

Not every mom has the same ways and styles of mommy times. Whatever renewal activities you have, I suggest you to have a daily mommy time regularly scheduled since you will get more energy after regular charges in routines. Don't be cynical by laughing how you still can get more time in your crowded routines. As I say, everyone has unique routines. You might not be able to make a daily mommy time, but you should try to make one to get yourself better in the crowded routines.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise will make your hormones work better. Having exercise regularly will improve your mood. You don't have to use advanced equipment or to have a private gym. Some planks, squad, and regular walking will be helpful. For this reward, I would like to give you a recommendation of a fitness program for homeschool moms, which is designed by a personal certificated homeschool parent. Homeschool Mom Fitness Progam is incredible for homeschooling moms. Cick this image to check it out:

The Crafty Classroom

Life of a Homeschool Mom

Do private hobbies

Give a limited and regular time for doing your hobby will be able to charge your mood. Just for a few time you can forget some terrible things have happened in the day.


Meditation can be done separately outside Yoga. It might be a part of your religious routines. Rethinking about what you have done and what you are going to do will make your days much better and sweet.

Reading Books or Newspaper with Some Beverage

I believe you can do this way in various ways. You still can take care and observe your children as well by doing this activity. Even you can involve your children as well if you don't mind. Having some discussion outside the schooling or learning time will also get you refreshed and closer.

Quiet Time

Everyone has different types of quiet time. If you are a Christian, you might read the bible and meditate. Even when you accompany your little children to take a nap or sleep, you can have the quiet time with praying.

Weekly Homeschooling Mom Rewards

When you feel that daily mommy time reward is not possible for you to make, you might arrange a weekly mommy time. Here are some activity examples that might go with the weekly mommy time:

  1. Shopping
  2. Date with hubby
  3. Watch Movies
  4. Going to the Gym

Longer Planned Mom Rewards

There might be other more luxurious activities that take more money and preparation to go. You might not do it even monthly or yearly. They need more 

  1. Hang Out with Friends
  2. Going to Spa
  3. Religious Retreat
  4. Travelling

How To Leave The Busy Days

Many homeschooling moms think that finding the time to have a mommy time is something impossible to do. Here are some tips to allow some time for homeschooling moms to renew themselves

Preparing Independent Activities for Children

Getting your children busy might be difficult. Some people find that their children only can sit down nicely when they are playing electronic games. On the other hand, playing electronic games is not healthy for them. In this case, it is better for you to let them have their time also rather than letting yourselves uncontrolled without break time. You might also give your children independent activities while you are observing them from the distance.

Call Your Parents to Help

Grandparents are usually happy for being involved in taking care their grandchildren. It is great to give them a chance to get closer to their children while mommies are having their renewal time.

Ask Your Hubby to Help Checking the House

Working together with hubby will be great to do. You might get your hubby to replace your position handling your children. In this way hubby will know some parts of your daily routine. He should know the quotation”If mommy is happy, all things will run well.”

Plan Your Mommy Times as Needed

The very few time must be over soon. Therefore, you need to plan what you are going to do so that your mommy time will not pass away without any result. You might make any agreement with your children regarding the mommy time.

Getting Unplugged

Leave away any electronic gadgets and individual tools. Many people cannot make time for themselves because they are too busy. Unplugging yourselves will lead you into a more relaxing time.

How is your mommy time? I hope you can take care of it to get you more energy.

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