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Keep A Well Balanced Juggle of Homeschooling and Blogging

Juggling between homeschooling and blogging will demand more attention to keep them together so that both of them can go together hand in hand. Here are some tips on How to manage homeschooling and blogging time

Juggling between homeschooling and blogging will demand more attention to keep them together so that both of them can go together hand in hand. Here are some tips on How to manage homeschooling and blogging time

There are some obstacle to keep both of homeschooling and blogging work together.

The danger of being unbalanced and overwhelmed to only one side between homeschooling and blogging will ruin one or both of them.

I often feel such kind of symptoms in this case. It is the lesson of my life. Therefore, I would like to share some things that we can do to make both homeschooling and blogging get balance.

Juggling between homeschooling and blogging will demand more attention to keep them together so that both of them can go together hand in hand. Here are some tips on How to manage homeschooling and blogging time

How to manage homeschooling and blogging time

Setting up priorities

This is the most important and principal things in my life which has a lot of choice to choose. Setting the priority is the key to be fair and balance in dealing with right and responsibility. Everything depends on your choice. Comparing the priorities between homeschooling and blogging, homeschooling is more important than blogging. First of all, homeschooling is my main niche and it is impossible for me to blog without homeschooling for sure. Therefor, anything related with homeschooling is always set more urgent than blogging

Using both blogging and homeschooling planners

Planners play important parts in both homeschooling and blogging. Keeping the planners updated and following them strictly is the key to a more organized life, including for blogging and homeschooling. I cannot imagine how I do both homeschooling and blogging without any planners. There are ranges of planners you might use for both or either of them. I use my planners on and off, but finally, I am fully aware that I cannot live without my planners. Therefore, I create my own planners and I would like to share with you

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Using timer to blog

It is not only my children that use timer. If timer is not available, I will use my cell phone to do the function. I use it to give them example of how to limit and work effectively. Let say, 30 minute in the afternoon, 1 hour at night, etc. Otherwise I will forget the time while the words just stream out of the time. I am afraid to say that I am not an English speaker so that I might need a bit longer time than the native speaker to blog. Timer is such a big help.

Scheduling my posting using calendar plugin

After writing some blogging ideas in my blogging planner, I just go to my calendar plugin and get the planned posts scheduled on it. It is a kind of force for me to have a minimal target number and content of posts. There are usually a lot of changes in the calendar as I am very flexible with it. For each scheduled or drafted post, I try to jot down roughly each idea as soon as it turns up in my mind so that I won’t forget any content when the time to publish it.

Drafting/taking note/mind mapping on a manual notebook or evernote application

Although my iPad has a WordPress app, I prefer using evernote to type some draft for blogging. There should be something in my mind once I turn on the computer. Otherwise I would go and hang around the web without time limit. It really wastes my time. There are some purposes of working on the internet for me: homeschooling, blogging, and doing the job. I should have either of them in my mind before I lost in the world wide web.

Controlling my social media time

It is such a very incredible important issue for me as I think it is a challenge to limit myself surfing around the social media. I am not a kind of social media fan that often share my private status. I love being wandering around the social media to share my posts, to look up some issues of homeschooling, to get some opportunities, and to get socialize or know better other bloggers and homeschoolers. It makes me forget the time. To control my social media time, I don’t chat during the lesson or I might keep away any gadget I use into the cupboard until the lessons finish. I use buffer to assist me in social media postings. I also use a file made to collect status sharing about each posting so that I just can share them whenever I want to without recomposing.

Try to correspondence the homeschooling work to the blog

At the moment our lessons are a bit chaos due to the exams and the finished materials. We are not well prepared as usual, I would like to confess. However, we use to make our homeschooling activity exposed in the blogging activity so that the homeschooling and blogging will be well connected like the electrical wire. It means that what we have in homeschooling will go to the blogging and what I have in blogging will go to the homeschooling. Both kids and I will be will be more enthusiastic to both of them so that none of them is left out.


This is one word that is not only applied to modern gadgets, but also to most mommies in the world, especially homeschooling mommies, isn’t it? Multitasking is not always a good thing for me as it will distract my concentration so that I cannot get the maximum result, but this is what I can do to keep the homeschooling and blogging going on. I try hard to minimize multitasking for sure, but it just happens. So far this is what I can do in some very urgent cases.


Always evaluating my children needs before creating blogging projects

Well, I cannot deny that I often review curriculum and products in my posts related with our homeschooling. I always give limit to the curriculum review based on the need of my homeschooling, homemaking, religious, and motherhood that I need. The need of homeschooling will be my main consideration before I choose products to review, so that the homeschooling and blogging activities are not separated. As I say, blogging is one need of homeschooling and homeschooling is now my concern in blogging. Therefore, homeschooling will come first before blogging. I keep it in my mind.

Be discipline to the computer or gadget time and homeschooling time

Locking the gadget in the closet is one way to give limit. You might laugh reading this , but it is one thing that I do to give limit to gadgets while we have lessons. It is not only the children that have limit to their electronic game time, but also myself. Jotting down my thought on the notebook first rather than on the gadget will happen more frequently. There is a time to touch the gadget and I should get strict to it.

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    Great post! I often find it super easy to get distracted between the two…not always an easy balance to juggle or maintain 🙂
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    These are great tips.. I don’t homeschool but I have two little ones and a big kid and I am always juggling… sharing you on twitter!

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