10 Ways to Manage My StressGetting stressful is something common in the modern world, but we need to be able to manage stress. Stress can be harmful when we cannot manage. Living on Planet Earth is getting more and more difficult as the time is going on. The creatures are getting more pressure to survive living on this planet. I always talk to my kids that the ability to adapt with the surroundings will determine whether the creatures can fit with living on Earth. It reminds me of Charles Darwin's theory, survival of the fittest. It implies that those who can adapt to challenging problems are the ones that will survive.

Living on Planet Earth is getting more and more difficult as the time is going on. The creatures are getting more pressure to survive living on this planet. I always talk to my kids that the ability to adapt with the surroundings will determine whether the creatures can fit with living on Earth. It reminds me of Charles Darwin's theory, survival of the fittest. It implies that those who can adapt to challenging problems are the ones that will survive.

Planet Earth is getting older and older while people living on it are getting busier and busier. To survive living on Planet Earth, we need to be able to adapt with all challenging problems. “Being survive” is very important as life is a very precious gift from God. We also have a long live homework from God to subdue the Earth (Gen 1:28). Our life can be very meaningful for others. Therefore, we need to keep our life well physically and mentally.

However, there are some times when we cannot control the amount of pressure that comes to us so that we can be stressful. Everybody should have been struck by the condition of being stressful whether he or she is aware or not. Even the little babies are sometimes being stressful. Unfortunately they just only cry. Stress can happen when we struggle hard to fight the pressure. The amount and the reasons of being stressful is different for anybody.

Well, here are some of my ways to calm down our emotion so that I can get rid of the stress. These ways are use depend on what kind of stressful situation that I have and the time that I have. I might not been able to solve the problems yet, but I usually can calm down my mind so that I can think better to solve the problem or to get rid of being stressful.

  1. I would engage myself with music, either listening to the music or playing the piano. If I can stop working or if I am not being caught by deadline, I prefer playing the piano as it will make my mind more relaxed. However, if I cannot stop working, I will listen to the radio. Music has done very great job to calm down my mind. I use this way when I have plenty of works that demand limited time to finish.
  2. I would stop for some times to pray. I should be grateful to God so I get more comforted. I will ask God helping me going out of the problem by giving the best way out of the problem. Praying will help me think further about the essence of my life and the existence of myself in the world.
  3. I try to calm down myself by meditation, thinking the goals of what I am doing, looking the problem from different point of views. Meditation also make me more focused in thinking about something. If I could do yoga, I would have done it. I usually feel fresher after that.
  4. I sometimes read the bible for some verse that is related to my stressful trigger. It works well for me. Reading The Bible give me direct or indirect inspiration to survive from the stress.
  5. I would like to chat or share my stressful situation with someone else, usually my husband will be the first person I go to get comforted. He usually listens to me and soon give some other ways to see the problems. Although his way doesn't always work well, by sharing I have lightened my burden.
  6. For longer period of stress situation, I would like doing exercise. My favourite ones are weight training and swimming, but I usually prefer weight training as I have got some dumbbells, an exercise ball, and a bench. Sometimes I will do skipping rope. By doing exercise, I feel that I have released my stress hormone and get more oxygen in my body.
  7. For monotonous and boring activities, I would like to give a rest time for myself to play games to release my stress. Actually playing games is also my hobby that I rarely do it right now. Playing games gets my brain “moving around” and when return to the problems I usually get better perspective to handle.
  8. Another alternative that makes my mind refreshed is watching movie or film. My favourite one is Korean serial drama. Well, I rarely do this at the moment as I don't have time to do so. However, in a long period of stress, sometimes I do it.
  9. For certain cases, I would like to go out of the house or the place where the accident happens. When I return, I will find that I will get more refreshed so that I could think better to find a way out.
  10. If available, I would like to go for a retreat or just for a vacation with my family. I will definitely refreshed once I return to the problem.

One more time, that is just my way to manage my stress. It depends on the situation and the time of the problem. What about you? If you would like to share,

  • Which daily occasion that give you much pressure?
  • How do you deal with your stress most of the time?

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  1. Those are all really great tips. I wish I could get away more for a vacation but with my job and family its difficult to. I usually just retreat to my room with a good book and that seems to help. Music is also relaxing at times as well.

    • That’s right. It is hard to find time having great time vacation, isn’t it? Mini vacation at home will have a great deal too. 🙂

  2. I love all of these ideas for stress management. It’s amazing how quick stress can sneak up on you, so it’s always good to have items like these in your tool belt. Thank you for sharing, and I’ll be referencing back to this when I feel a stress load coming on! 🙂

    • Stress will start from the mind but can give impact to the body as well. Therefore, we need to prevent and anticipate first once it happens. Thank you for stopping by and reference…

  3. What a wonderful post! Most people don’t know all the ways they can alleviate stress and anxiety. One really effective way is to engage the senses: music of course, but also visual stimuli (looking at a painting, reading), olfactory as in light a candle or incense, taste by eating something strong in flavor, and touch by petting a cat or taking a warm bath. Getting out into nature is one of the most calming thing in the world, take a walk, ride a bike. Lastly, drinking tea is so soothing (decaf of course!).

    • LOL… The portion of stress is getting reduced from time to time as the kids are getting older and more independent. I remember when they were smaller. Having vacation is like moving house as there are lots of things to bring. I agree with you

  4. When my stress really gets to me to the point that its unbearable (I lead a stressful life purposely for other reasons) I like to sit back, take a deep breath and visualize handing over my issue of stress to my Higher Power. I like the feeling of handing it over and feeling the weight lifted off my shoulders. 99.9% of the time, my stress is something I cannot control anyway so might as well let go of it!

  5. Great suggestions, Pray and exercises are the big stress relieves for me. I believe that as your emotion tanks empties you should be filling it up with things that you enjoy and that are meaningful. God is my manager and exercises keeps me in check. OH, wait so does chocolate. ha ha

    • LOL. Yes, chocolate will do. Tankful of stress can lead into depression, can’t it? Thank you very much for stopping by and keep in touch.

  6. Great suggestions there of ways to deal with stress. I feel the stress building up when work is piling up and things aren’t getting done. Music definitely helps me, as does exercise – a good run is what calms me most and uses up all that stressed energy to leave me energised and ready to tackle that work!

    • I often feel stressful when I have to catch up with target in a limited time, similar with you. When I am under the experience, in the very limited time I have to stop, take a deep breath and resume the work. Thank you for stopping by and sharing.

    • Thanks Becca, it will be great also to prevent tankful of stress that lead into depression. I love your list too. Is it possible to link up?

    • Doing exercise will throw away those stressful hormone carcinogen. Music is really great to calm down our mind so that we can get more oxygen flowing to the brain. Nice to see you.

  7. These are great tips!! I really like how you have the main part of each tip in bold print in the paragraph. I definitely think reading the bible and praying are great ways to relieve stress along with exercise. I also have an accountability partner that I “vent” to when I am stressed about a certain situation. Great post!

    • Thanks for your compliment. I am just a newbie. That’s right. Giving our burden to our Creator will make us more relieved. I believe that God will give us the best, but we just have to take the challenge.

  8. Those are all very useful ideas of ways to alleviate and reduce stress. My favorite way to reduce stress if through exercise. Although, I sometimes find it best to remove myself from the present situation to gather my thoughts and regroup.

    I find that is important for each individual to find what really works best for them and use that method to reduce their stress.

    • I completely agree with you that we need to know ourselves well so we can use the right method once we need it. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  9. I like the idea of music -I actually subscribed to sirius XM (I debated for a long time for subscription). The music I listen to on there relaxes me after a long day of school. And today after class, I went to the gym and released my stress! But throughout the workout, I was stress because I’m new to the gym and don’t now how to use a lot of the machines. LOL So it was stress again but glad I exercised. I think sometimes, I overstress and overthink… maybe I just need to stop thinking for a few minutes!!!

    • LOL I feel awkward too when the first time going to a gym. That’s normal and temporary. Now I don’t have to go to gym. I have a set of dumbbells, a mat, an exercise ball, a skipping rope (for cardio), and a bench that I can use anytime.

  10. I am a big fan of exercising and playing games when stressed out. Also, giving my house a good cleaning seriously helps with the stress. It makes me feel like I have gotten something in my life accomplished and leaves me feeling stress free and proud of myself.

  11. It may sound old fashioned, but I still use the mantras, “this too shall pass” and “will it matter in 10 years.” I have also found that praying and renewing my mind with the Word of God helps me tremendously.

    • That’s right Alli. It is also a self suggestion for you, right? I remember once somebody said, what comes out of mind will come true. Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to long relationship.

  12. Such wonderful ideas for stress management. I often read or workout when I am in need of a “break”. However, if I don’t have time for that sort of thing I tend to do the whole “deep breathing” for a few moments. It seems to help most of the time 🙂

    • Yes, that is right. Breathing can get the stress reduced, release the pressure, and take more oxygen to our brain getting it work better.

  13. Yes to the prayer and talking with someone! Those are my big things that I need to remember to do. And, I need to take your advice and move my body more. It does make such a difference.

    And, one other thing that really helps me is drinking water. I try to make sure I stay hydrated, and my stress seems to stay lower.

  14. Great post! We all need reminders to just take time for ourselves to destress. If we don’t, eventually something else will suffer because of it. You are exactly right that things are always changing on this planet and as we know change is hard. Thanks for the reminder to “take a breath”.

    • We need to love ourselves then we can love others. If we cannot love ourselves, than how can we love others? Calming down ourselves will help us healing ourselves. Thank you for stopping by…

  15. Good tips. Stress relief and anger control for me has come in the form of yoga, learning to carry the correct expectations while mothering 4 children and deep breathing. This was a good reminder of the things I can do. Thanks!

  16. Thank you for sharing your methods–it’s interesting to see what works for others and get some ideas 🙂 I agree completely that getting exercise is a great way to release stress. On my worst days a good run gets me away from everything! I also stretch, strength train, and pole (which is what my blog is about) and afterward I feel so much better. Must be those endorphins at work!

    • Thank you for stopping by and I do really enjoy your blog too. I forgot to subscribe and would like to return there. We might meet in facebook too

    • Tell you what, my kids will be very cooperative once I play games with them. Moreover, they will do things that I want them to do when I support them playing games. Of course I do it in limited time

    • Same with me, my husband doesn’t like playing games, but he understand that I am stressful when I play games. Thanks for stopping by… Can meet in facebook?

  17. Thanks for sharing such a great list. When at work I like to take my break and pull up Facebook during the day almost all post are geared towards God or Scripture. When at home I like to work on puzzles usually the 500 count ones and that is if time allows most times I read and meditate on the Bible.

  18. I agree working out is a big stress reliever. You can really get your aggression out in a healthy way using this outlet. Sometimes something simple like stepping away from what your doing for awhile is enough to refresh your perspective and/or give you insight.

  19. I get stressed out a lot, and I do many of the strategies you suggested. Sometimes I just have to remind myself to pick my battles. As in, what’s the worst thing that will happen if this doesn’t get done or if it doesn’t work out like I wanted? Often I realize I’m wasting all my energy stressing out over something that just isn’t worth it. Once I realize that intellectually, often that’s enough for me to be able to take a step back.

  20. I would say that praying and being in God’s Word is definitely something that takes my stress away. Exercising also makes me less stressful because I am caring for my body as well as eating healthy. But it is definitely have God as my center, my foundation, that helps me get through each day.

  21. My favorite stress relievers from your list are music, prayer, sharing and exercise. One thing that always surprises me is how music can really turn my mood around. Prayer can help me let go of my burden and refocus. When I can I love to combine exercise with sharing and go on walks with friends. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  22. I agree that it’s important to recognize when we’re stressed and do something to calm ourselves. I like to pray and find some quiet alone time when I’m stressed. It really helps me to just calm the outside noises so I can find the peace I need to calm myself inside. 🙂

  23. Great stress management suggestions! I love to get outdoors and be among nature. Whether it be taking a leisurely walk outdoors or reading a book under a nice shade tree, nature has a way of soothing my stress.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas! 🙂

  24. I prefer walking away my stress. Work can be very stressful, so I like to ensure I take a morning and afternoon walk break. I love photography, too. So, getting outside and shooting nature shots makes me feel good. It is great de-stressor for me.

  25. All great tips for de-stressing. I think that each of us needs to find those ways that let us relax and then incorporate them into our daily routines. If we train ourselves to relax regularly, we don’t become over whelmed with stress.

  26. These are great tips! Music has always been my “go-to” for stress relief. There is something about being able to lose yourself in a song even if it’s only for a few minutes. It’s just good for the soul! Thanks for sharing! =)

  27. I think that these are all great stress relievers. One of my favorites is just to load up and take a drive somewhere. Look at the scenery, wildlife, or just listen to the radio. Its a time to relax and think if you need to or not think if that’s what you need. Maybe I should go for a drive right now….


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