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How to Work From Home and Homeschool Your Children

While homeschooling can be quite the challenge, there’s nothing that is too challenging that you can’t find a solution for. Many moms have opted to become or continue working from home while they homeschool their children because it can be quite honestly, easier in most cases to be home full time and homeschool your children. The thing about working from home and homeschooling your children is that it will take some schedule adjustments and a solid routine to ensure that both areas of your life are getting the attention that they need. Today I’m sharing some tips to show you how to work from home and homeschool your children without any major stress.

How to Work From Home and Homeschool Your Children

Be Honest

Your first step to working from home while homeschooling your children is, to be honest about what time constraints you do have. You will have to compromise a bit on both parts and quite possibly work harder to have your children be more independent learners. If you have a needy child that requires more attention with homeschooling, then you’re going to simply have to put your work off until later in the night while that child is busy with other tasks or sleeping. On the other hand, you might have superactive children in the morning who need more time to start to concentrate. In this case, you will have to work in the morning and homeschool at night. This is the first step to ensuring that you’re successful with both homeschooling and working at home.

Assign Chores

As a work at home parent, you’ll often find that between that and homeschooling there’s little time left for household chores. This is where it’s pretty fantastic that your children are home full time with you. You can easily assign chores to your children so that you can get some work at home tasks completed and not feel guilty about it. Assigning household chores to your homeschooling children is actually helping them learn important life lessons and is not something to feel guilty about ever. Using the downtime to have children to do chores will give you a bit more time to get some work at home tasks done so you don’t have to stay up working into the wee hours of the night.

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Ruthless Time Management

As a work at home mom who’s homeschooling your children, time management skills are a major necessity. It’s important to have ruthless time management skills that allow you to cut down time involved in other less trivial areas of life. Meal planning is a perfect example of how to work from home and homeschool your children. Meal planning cuts down on time involved with meal prep during the weeknights and allows you to have a solid plan in place to enjoy family dinners together without taking too much time away from homeschooling and work at home tasks.

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Schedule Homeschooling

Last but not least, it’s very easy to get involved in your work at home projects and forget to homeschool your child that day. If you have a child who enjoys learning and needs to have you teach lessons or get them started on something, as in they don’t attend online courses or have their own routine in place for independent learning while you get work done, then you may not need a strict homeschooling schedule. For the rest of us, being a work at home parent and homeschooling, it’s important that you schedule time into your to-do list to homeschool your children.

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There you have it, a few solid tips on how to work from home and homeschool your children. You really can accomplish so much when you simply work to have ruthless time management skills, delegate household chores and work to maintain a schedule during your day for work and homeschooling hours. I hope that my tips will help inspire you to adjust your work at home day so that you’re able to continue to homeschool your children.

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