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How to Introduce Children to The Sexual Education with the Biblical Approach

How to Introduce Children to The Sexual Education with THE "Biblical Approach

Most parents feel not confident to introduce their children to the sexual education topic. Therefore, it needed a lot of time for me to start the talk about the topic with my children. Biblical approach or scientific approach? In fact,  There were a lot of consideration in my mind.

  1. What ages is the most appropriate time for my children to start with the discussion?
  2. Will I start it too early? Are the children ready for it?
  3. What if they got confused and I just turn up the fire of curiosity?
  4. What if they make the sexual education as a joke?
  5. How do I open the talk?
  6. When and where do I need to talk about this topic?
  7. Is there any sequence do I need to use to get the sexual education delivered well to my children?
  8. What materials or resources do I need to use to introduce them to the sexual education?
  9. What should I do to stay serious, informative and natural to explain this topic?
  10. How do I use the bible to introduce the the children toward the sexual education topic?

I am very sure that most parents have ever had any of the questions when they feel they were about to deliver the sexual education talk with their children.

I tried to use the science lessons to start the talk:

Human Reproductive System and Sexual Education

Some Tricky and Challenging Sexual Education Questions

Getting Along With The Teenagers To The Puberty Changes

Sexual Education with the Biblical Approach

Most parents feel not confident to introduce their children to the sexual education topic. The biblical approach will be a way to start with the talk.

Today I would like to share another approach answering the questions above based on the biblical and scientific approach. I feel so sorry that I should have read this great book before I wrote the post.

I am very glad to review The Talk, 7 Lessons To Introduce Your Child To Biblical Sexuality, written by Luke Gilkerson. This book is aimed to children from 6-10. It is very surprising, isn’t it? There is some great explanation how this topic and explanation in this book is suitable for that ages.

There are seven lessons started with the biblical approach and followed by scientific approach for each sexual education delivery.

In Lesson 1 we will learn about the difference between male and female, which we start by reading Genesis 1:24-27. There are simple pictures showing the difference of the personal parts of the body.

Next, Lesson 2 will lead readers to command of God for human to do reproduction or to multiply as we find in Genesis 1:28-31. A picture of ovum among the sperms is provided at the end of the lesson page.

After that, Lesson 3 explains how the baby grows in the mother’s womb in Psalm 139:13-18. There is also a diagram about how the egg meets the sperm, divide themselves to be a zygote and implanted in the mother’s womb.

In Lesson 4 we will discuss about the relationship between a man and a woman to the intimacy created through sex as it is in Genesis 2:18-25. This lesson explains about the strong bond between a man and a woman in a marriage.

Next, Lesson 5 is about how sinful adultery is after reading Exodus 20:1-2, 12-17. It is explained that adultery is wrong.

More advance discussion in Lesson 6 is about the prevention of rape and sexual abuse which are very difficult to explain. Reading 2 Samuel 13:1-2, 16-14 will open your talk about this hard topic. Therefor, reading some explanation about how important is very useful to inform children to be more cautious and open to the parents.

Finally, Lesson 7 is about giving respect to our body as God’s creation. After reading 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, we should know how we are very valuable as God has redeemed us.

How We Love “The Talk” for Children’s Sexual Education

I really love this book because:

  1. It has a very natural way of explaining those lessons for children ages 6-10. It is firm, clear, and friendly at the same time so we don’t need to be uncertain to start the talk.
  2. If you are Christians, this book would be very valuable indeed as it gives some strong connections to the Bible by showing that sexual things are based on God’s will.
  3. This book should be appropriate for all culture in this globalization era. I am from Asia and I think this explanation is acceptable for our culture.
  4. It has a balance portion between religious and scientific explanation, so we can have a logical and spiritual reason behind the topic.
  5. There is a link to some videos explaining each scientific lessons and there are also other useful resources about sexual education for boys, girls, and parents.
  6. Moreover, It is a digital book so I can grab it easily.


I would like to recommend this book to any Christian family who finds that introducing the sexual education to children is challenging. In addition, you might also want to make sure what you have covered in the topic. The Biblical approach that goes along with the scientific approach will make better engagement.

How to Get the Book

This book is available to purchase for $5.95. It is a very good price for such invaluable content

For information about the book and to purchase it, please click HERE or the PICTURE bellow

This link contains affiliation that means at no additional cost to you, I may get a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support in this way!


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