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Investing Some Science Lab Equipments for Homeschooling

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Investing Some Science Lab Equipments for Homeschooling

There are a lot of components that make science lessons more various and not boring. Experiments are hands on components in science lessons that can give supports to the whole science lessons.

How different science lessons with and without experiments are! A science lesson with experiment will make the lessons alive and joyful so that it is hoped that kids will be able to remember the science concepts in longer time. However, It is not guaranteed that doing some science experiments will make you children’s score in the test is going to be better. It is better not expect too much for that. Experiments will make children have some wow times so that the sense and attitudes of curiosity will be nurtured since they love it.

The public schools usually facilitate the students with science laboratory and with scientific experiment equipments. How about homeschooling families? Of course we have some options regarding the the use of science lab equipments.

First of all, we can do a collective investment with other homeschooling families. All the expenses are going to be paid collectively based on the agreement between the families.


  1. We can have more various equipments as there will be more money collected from more people.
  2. In case we don’t use the equipments anymore, we don’t need to be confused where and how to keep them. We can have others to continue using the equipments or purchase from us.


  1. There are more than one person or family to take the responsibilities for the equipments. There should be an agreement for the policy.
  2. The limit of using the equipments means that we cannot use the equipments anytime we like. There should be a circulation policy in the group.

We might also purchase some minimum requirements for doing the science laboratory experiments while using whatever we have as long as they have similar function. For example, we use drinking glass instead of the beaker glass and we purchase thermometer as we don’t have any. For earlier grades, you can use any kitchen utensils you have at home for more general science topic experiments to get the lessons more engaging. However, when they start to do more serious science or middle school science, the more accuracy and serious experiments are very demanding in chemistry, physics, and biology. It is the time for you to think about investing some science lab equipments.


  1. Kids learn to be more responsible with their belongings.
  2. Kids will be more serious in doing experiments. They will be more motivated in being professional. We don’t know what they are going to be later and they might be involved in the real science field.
  3. Kids learn about how to use, keep, and clean the equipments.
  4. We can use the equipments anytime and anywhere we like
  5. Kids are more confident and proud of their science.


  1. There is more money to spent obviously. You might purchase second hand products to get cheaper price. Of course you have to check out the condition.
  2. You need space and certain condition to make sure that the equipments are kept safely.
  3. You need to be more and more creative in doing experiments, otherwise you equipments are going to be spoiled.

How to Purchase the Science Lab Equipments

Purchasing science lab equipments is not as easy as I thought. There are some Science equipments in bundles. Unfortunately, we cannot purchase them as they are not shipped overseas. Therefor, we have to purchase separately based on our needs

Make a shopping list

Visiting shops without any shopping list will make us wasting our money for things that are not important. Checking out the science experiment supply list in your spine books will make your money spent better. Well, if you haven’t got any spine book or ready made list, you might see some items I mention bellow. Don’t forget to think about the measurements or types you need.

Check out some great experiment books

There are some science lab experiment books available. They are not just experiments, but more focused on the use of laboratory equipments. Please check out the books in the slide below:


Check out in online shop

Going around the internet is also a way to get some ideas of which equipments you want to prioritize first, where to purchase them, and how much they cost. Comparing one shop with another is also important. You also can go to different suggestion and opinions to consider.

Find out the expert

It is lucky if you can meet a great seller that will give more information to the options to purchase. If you feel not confident to choose the products, a good seller will let you know which one that you should purchase.

Get the right quality

There are ranges of science lab equipments you can choose. Some of them have premium quality and materials so they cost more money to purchase. Other products have simple and much more economical price. I thought that the most expensive products would be good to invest as they will be more durable, while the lower price will have lower quality.

After looking for some information from some sources, I found that the best investment would be the products that can meet our need. Purchasing the best quality will sometimes waste money when we find later we need only medium quality. For example, it will be wasting of money to spend money for a beaker glass that can be on 150 Celcius if we will only use kitchen stove. It is redundant for us purchasing a plastic beaker glass if we need to put it on fire.

Look for coupons

Try to get some discount coupons to get the best price for purchasing science lab equipments. Try also to get the right moment of shopping such as the Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Therefore, the longer you plan, the more chance to get best price you usually have.

To help you planning your science lab equipments, you might download a piece of form I made by clicking the picture


Science Lab Equipment Purchase[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=2]


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