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How to Be a More Productive Blogger with the Fabulous Marketing Calendar from Coschedule

Being a more productive blogger with a marketing calendar can save a lot of time, money, and energy to do smarter and to achieve bigger things.

Being a blogger is not only about content publishing. There will be more and more works to do to catch up with increasing personal and professional demands. Being a more productive blogger with a marketing calendar can save a lot of time, money, and energy to do smarter and to achieve bigger things.

Being a productive blogger is very important for me because I am not only a blogger. Blogging is not my main activity at the moment. I am a housewife and a homeschool mom at the same time. Besides, I also work as a virtual assistant. There are a lot of things I need to do in both the online and offline worlds at the moment. Thus, being an effective and productive blogger is very important so I can catch up with other things that happen.

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There are many ways and tools to achieve that goal. Today I would like to share with any homeschooling blogger about how to be a more productive blogger with marketing calendar. If you have not started your blog yet, by reading this post, you will know that blogging should not suck your life as a homeschool mom. A marketing calendar will help you to be more productive and efficient.

Things You Need to Know about a More Productive Blogger

First of all, let’s discuss what it means to be a more productive blogger. Productive is an adjective derived from the word “product”


First recorded in 1605–15; from the Medieval Latin word productīvus;see origin at product-ive

Based on the page, I conclude that being productive is generally and basically the ability to produce more or positively.

What does it mean to be a more productive blogger?

In my deep thought, he or she can gain more traffics and income using a well-manage working system or workflow. There are 2 conditions in the statements:

  1. A productive blogger has a certain working system
  2. With the working system, he or she can gain more things

Why should be a working system?

A working system is a pattern to work on something. It is a kind of routines or a group of tasks with certain sequence and methods applied in a period of time. In general, we will be able to work more consistently in both quantity and quality when we use a solid and realistic working system.

A working system in a blog usually involves workflows. A workflow is also a group of tasks that process a set of data. The tasks work toward 1 final product. Some workflows will work together like a machine to make the blogging process more productive.

Introducing Marketing Calendar from Coschedule

What is Marketing Calendar

A marketing calendar is simply explained as a calendar that includes all marketing activities, isn’t it? Marketing has very wide areas to cover. It includes pre-production, production, prelaunch, launch, and after launch in general. There are many areas that use marketing as well, including blogging.

A blogging business has similar processes which need workflow as well in each of the step or process. Besides, to make more income and traffic, there are also some e commerce activities to include alongside blogging. In this case, blogging is not merely a fun personal activity or a hobby anymore. It is a business that needs investment and should make profits.

At this moment, I have been working with and for many bloggers. I have been blogging while homeschooling children. There are a lot of things I cannot work with only pen and paper. Blogging is not a mere hobby only, but a serious business. Considering the wide scope of the blogging business and the goals I have for my blog, I really have to be a more productive blogger by being more consistent in leveraging the sophisticated blogging tools I can afford.

To handle so many online works, a marketing calendar will work well for me.

Why I Return to Coschedule

Coschedule is not a new blogging tool for me. 5 years ago, I used the blog calendar from Coschedule. Due to my decrease in blogging activities to focus more on other online and home business, I left it.

Due to the urgency and desire to work on my own blog and online business, I need to catch up a lot of things while running our homeschool at the same time. Having a lot of benefits from the blog calendar, I review Coschedule to get help like it was before. To my surprise, there are a lot of changes and development in Coschedule products. Besides the blog calendar I used previously, I find the marketing calendar from Coschedule suits me better with my recent blogging stage.

Being a more productive blogger with a marketing calendar can save a lot of time, money, and energy to do smarter and to achieve bigger things.

How to Be a More Productive Blogger with Marketing Calendar

Visiting Coschedule after 5 years has given me a lot of surprises. There are a lot of changes as I have mentioned previously. There are a lot of contents from Coschedule blog that I learned before I decide to take the marketing calendar. If you are serious about blogging like I am, you might check out more articles from Coschedule to learn more about how to be a more productive blogger with marketing calendar from Coschedule

Solid Workflow

Solid workflow is one tools to be a more productive blogger. When we add a new project in the Coschedule marketing calendar, I can create a set of tasks from the task templates related to the project. The set I choose can be preset from Coschedule or I can customize by myself too fit my needs. The set of tasks will come up with due date that I set and also the team member that is assigned at the same time.

The ability to drag the task due from a time block to another gives me a very flexible and consistent workflow. It will make a more solid workflow than a rigid one. With such workflows, it will always be possible to produce more things, such as content upgrades, or digital store products to sell

Automate the works

With the marketing calendar from Coschedule, I can put all of my ideas for content writing into it. I can use it directly in the WordPress editor with the blogging and social media workflows for each project. It is similar to the calendar plugin in WordPress, but it is equipped with the scheduled workflows. In this way, I can realize the content plan I create more likely than when I use the paper and plan or common calendar plugins.

There are also other integrations available besides the WordPress integration. Here are a couple of integrations I use:

The Dropbox integration will let me attach files into projects automatically. I usually create my images in Canva and keep them in dropbox. I also keep some blog writing draft in dropbox. Once I create a project in the calendar, I can pick what I have saved in dropbox directly without downloading them to my computer and uploading them to the editor.

I also like the zapier integration that can integrate Coschedule with other tools I use, such as Meistertask and Convertkit.

With those automations, I can save time and works to do the projects well. Then, use the rest of the time to work on other things.

Put Everything in one place

I use several planners to work on my blogging business, homeschool, homemaking, finance, etc. To sum up everything I plan, I still use a pen and paper daily planner. To put together my blogging business into 1 calendar is a great help for me to work on the other planners.

With Coschedule, I can control my content marketing which includes blog posts, social media campaigns, and digital stores at the same time in one place. In this way, I save a lot of time, money, and energy since all of my content planning is synchronized well. They won’t be overlapping. Even, I can do more projects and control them with the same calendar.

Are you thinking to start your blog? or are you a homeschool blogger than wants to take your blog more seriously into an online business? Then, I would like to encourage you to be a more productive blogger with marketing calendar from Coschedule.

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