FREE Multiplication Printable Tools

We are giving away FREE Printable Multiplication Tools. It has multiplication printable sheets, multiplication mini book, and multiplication flash cards to help children to be fluent.

Multiplication has been one mathematics topic that must be mastered by people around the world. You might use any methods to get children fluent in multiplication. Today we would like to share some tools to help children being fluent in multiplication. Here are some FREE Multiplication Printable tools that include multiplication printable sheets such as a table, flash cards, and a mini book for you to equip children in multiplication fluency. Scroll down the post to download the printables.

FREE Printable Multiplication Tools

Multiplication Printable Sheets

Pay attention of how the Multiplication flash cards and the Multiplication Book need to be printed. They are a bit tricky but you might use them as portable tools for your children to bring the facts anywhere.

Multiplication Flash Cards


  • Use the card stocks to print the files so that it is more durable.
  • Print pages 3-20 for the front side.
  • Turn back the paper and print pages 21 – 38 at the same direction.
  • Cut the paper following the dotted lines.
  • You might put the cards into order at the same side upwards to memorise the multiplication
  • Bind the cards with key ring to carry them more easily.


  • Use the card stocks to print the files so that it is more durable.
  • Provide 2 different colours of card stocks; each of which are 18 pieces
  • Print pages 3-20 with the same colour.
  • Get the other colour and print pages 21 – 38.
  • Cut the paper following the dotted lines.
  • Cards can be used for memory games and many other games.

Multiplication Flash Cards

Multiplication Mini Book


  • Use the card stocks to print the files so that it is more durable.
  • The even and odd pages of the same multiplication are intended to be printed as two sided.
  • Print all of the even pages.
  • Turn back the paper and print all the odd pages at the same direction.
  • Cut the paper into 4 pages.
  • Put the page numbers into order
  • Bind the pages with wire or plastic. You might laminate each paper if you wish.

Multiplication Mini Book_000001


Multiplication Table

Multiplication table is for a wall display that you can put up anywhere in your house. I use to put it on the bed room next to the bed so that kids can read before they go to sleep. Print it on a piece of chalk board and laminate it as well so that it is going to be more durable.


Multiplication Table

I hope that the printable freebies are going to be useful for someone.  Fill in the form below to get the downloads sent to your inbox.

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