Lapbooking dan Notebooking

Post kali ini kami sampaikan dalam Bahasa karena lapbooking dan notebooking merupakan suatu metode merekam proses dan hasil belajar yang masih kurang umum di Indonesia. Semoga tulisan ini dapat memberikan informasi mengenai kedua metode tersebut. Lapbooking Lapbooking merupakan kumpulan minibooks yang merupakan dokumentasi proses dan hasil belajar. Minibooks ini ditempelkan pada map karton yang sudah dimodifikasi. […]

More Detail Lesson Plan

I have learnt a lot of thinks about planning homeschool recently, but I think I need to learn more and put them into real life. I didn’t realise how important planning in life before as I never plan in detail for everything. I thought that everything will go on by itself. Once I heard that […]

The Religious Morning Cycle

Teaching religion for a non religious teacher is a challenging experience. That is what happens to me. One of the strongest reasons to homeschool my kids are to get them closer to God in their life so they have moral and principal like Jesus Christ. Besides, as Catholic parents who have get the children baptized […]