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North Star Geography for “Homeschooling Teachers”


North Star Geography for Homeschooling TeachersGeography is a branch knowledge of social studies. It is started to be separated from the whole social studies into a specialized lessons. It means that once you have a middle school children, parents need to see a more detail facts and skills to equip their children with adequate program. Thinking about that, I was very pessimistic to be be able to homeschool my children. It is very lucky for us to have North Star Geography. It has really made us fallen in love with Geography without hard working for me as a parent to look up a lot of resources to support the program.

Not every child has the ability to learn independently so that the pro-active role of parents is crucially needed. At the same time, not all parents have strong background of geography education. Even not everyone loves geography. Beside the great contents and skills offered in the curriculum, it has also some supplements of teaching resources for parents as teachers. It is not required that we have some excellent knowledge of Geography or any certificate to be able to deliver the curriculum to children. Therefore, using this curriculum, parents can learn geography together with their children. Let’s take a sneak peak to the components of the supplement.


There are some alternatives of schedule available in the supplement. They are equipped with the division of activities between days. Based on the options, we can finish the whole North Star Geography for 1 semester, 1 year, or 2 years, depends on the frequency and the priority of the lessons. Each of the option has suggested contents need to do.

Memorization List

The memorization list consists of groups of places that needs to be memorize the location on the map. The memorization list is optional to do as it depends on how you are going to prioritize map memorization in your lessons. Some people think that map memorization is fun and important, but others think that it is a dreading part of the lessons. We use the memorization list and consider it as a fun thing to do.


One of the great things of North Star Geography is the availability of quiz for learners to measure their map and fact knowledge after dipping ourselves in the topics. Parents as teachers might not make list of questions for measure the children’s understanding towards the topics. Having quiz is sometimes a requirement for high school in many places.

Outline Maps

We really love maps  and we have already had WonderMaps which has been very wonderful always. We use maps in many activities and lessons. However, North Star Geography also include a series of outline maps as they are required by the lessons. For those who have not had outline maps, you don’t need to worry about it since they are provided in the curriculum already altogether with the answer keys.

Activity Direction

Reading textbooks will make most people get bored, especially for my children who have just moved to the logic stage. We definitely need some refreshment in many learning areas. However, looking for activities really needs time a lot. Luckily, our North Star Geography lessons sometimes feel like either maths or science in a half since there are some activities related with either the subjects. I don’t need to browse here, there, and everywhere to look up for hands on activities. They have already been provided in the package. I will share some of them on later posts.

Research Questions

I am really happy to see the research questions available for us (not only for my children). It is really what I am looking for as we are doing a lot of information skills as what I have written in the Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas. The research questions are fascinating. Although we don’t have any library nearby, we can practice skimming and scanning in the web together. There are also answer keys for each so that we don’t need to be too disappointed when we cannot find the resources we need.

Atlas Building

There is a section of atlas building activities for each of the lessons. It is started with the world map, each of the continent, and some countries fact files. Outline, thematic, and reference maps are used in the activities. All resources are provided by theNorth Star Geography beautifully. The atlas building activities really lead us to a better mapping skill.

Graphic Organizers

There are some templates for doing Fact Files continuing the atlas building activities. They are in a structural move, started from the world fact files, continents fact files, and later the country fact files. They are separated from the lessons topic.

Note Taking Pages

It is like the cloze comprehension accompanying each of the lesson to make sure that readers can get the ideas in the reading text. Well, not all learners can absorb their reading as soon as they read the text. The note taking pages are used basically to review what are in the text in each lesson. It can be used to make sure that learners are not left any information provided in the text. It is quite different from the notebooking page activity, but you might put it in the notebooking sessions.

Final Exam

At the end of all lessons, there is a final exam session. You might take it or not, but some people require the credits for passing subjects. Well you don’t need to create your own final exam as it has been provided here.

Grading Rubric and Report Cards

Even if you are not “a teacher” who understand about rubric assessments, you can start learning about rubric here. The grading of the assessment is also provided clearly, altogether with the report cards.

I would like to recommend anyone who either love or hate geography to look further into North Star Geography as it has great support for any homeschooling teachers, the parents themselves. To give you more information about North Star Geography, you might see this video:

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