Notebooking with Geography – What can you do?

Notebooking with geography can include children from multiple ages and it can help them to know various places and people. Today I would like to share some contents we can put into notebooking with geography.

Geography is another subject that we enjoy to explore. Geography doesn't only study about places, but it also leads us to the study of people living on the planet Earth.

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Today I would like to share some contents we can put into notebooking with geography. I would like to say that we cannot use just blank paper of notebooking page in geography most of the time as we need some fact sheets to make the notebooking activities more structured. Here are some fact sheets and topic we can cover in notebooking activities.

Topic for Notebooking with Geography

Country studies

This is the most popular topic in geography. You will find country study in any geography curriculum in the world. Even when you don't purchase or follow certain curiculum, many issues on the real life involve the existence of countries. Therefore, the country studies need to have important place in geography. Notebooking with geography cannot also be separated from the country studies. It might include some information of flag, national anthem, living things, map, climate, etc. The details and level of difficulty depends on the interest and the ability.

Land forms

As a subject that is specialized in learning about the Planet Earth and people social life, the support of land form notebooking pages will be very helpful for children to take a note and to write a composition about the information of land forms.


Like other subjects, there must be specific vocabularies used in geography lessons. The use of flashcards will be great, but we also can list the words on a special pages for geographical terms.

Mapping chart

Another important activity in geography is mapping. I have shared how important mapping in geography is. Therefore, there should be a special section in the geography notebooking binder dedicated for mapping.

In certain grade, learners will learn how to draw maps by themselves. A provided grid paper will be very helpful for them to practice drawing maps. Some ready made outlined maps are also great to use. For this purpose, I would like to recommend WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press since it is very flexible and it can be customized.

Current events

Current event graphic organizers are used for recording any important or significant information in the newspaper. It can be used for the elementary to the middle school ages. When children cannot read, you might read for them. You don't have to read the news everyday, but it is great to get children aware about the political and environmental situation around them, start from the local to the international news. The younger children can do the simpler way. Even they just can draw pictures.

Weather Observation

Weather observation will be interesting to be one notebooking routine for getting familiar with the nature. Any age of level can do the observation with some specific purposes.

Biome and The Ecosystem

The study of biome also turns up on some different grades. It will lead to the study of ecosystem which is related to the science a lot.

Religion Study

Doing some world religion fact sheet is also great.Thare are a lot of chance that we meet people with different religions from us. We are going to learn how to tolerate other religion. It doesn't mean that we will convert to other religion. Giving children new insight will give them wider perspective toward the world around us.

Holiday and Festival Pages

Browsing about holidays and festivals is a part of learning about the people living on Earth. It will be very exciting to record the learning on the notebooking pages. You can make up your own free notebooking page for the holiday and festival study, but you might also use some other downloaded notebooking pages.

Native People Study

As it was mentioned previously, geography is also the study of place and people on the planet Earth. Native people study will be great to include in the country study. Recording the native people information can be done in the form of pictures or fact sheets and blank notebooking pages as well.

There should be more things to do in geography notebooking activities. It depends on what kinds of curriculum you use and the children inquiry toward geography study.

Today I would like to giveaway 5 sample pages of our Geography Notebooking Page Templates and Graphic Organizers.

Notebooking with Geography Samples

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To download the Geography Notebooking Page samples, please click the picture below

Native People Sample
Native People Sample
Holiday Festival Sample
Holiday – Festival Sample
Current Events
Current Event Sample
Facts of Asia
Facts of Asia Samples
World Religion Sample
World Religion Sample

If you like these printables, you might like to check out the full set of my Geography Notebooking Pages and Graphic Organizers. Click the image below for more information:

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Notebooking with geography can include children from multiple ages and it can help them to know various places and people. Today I would like to share some contents we can put into notebooking with geography. #ihsnet #Geography #Notebooking

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