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5 Great Impressions with The Online Homeschool Science Classes

The online homeschool science classes from College Prep Science help our middle school kids to learn science more seriously.

Science has been our favorite subject since the kids were very young. They have done a lot of experiments and fun things when they were younger. Now, it is time for them to learn how to study science in a more serious way besides the experiments and hands-on activities. Thus, my son was very lucky to have a precious experience in wonderful online homeschool science classes from College Prep Science by Professor Greg Landry

There are a lot of study skills and methods to learn any field of subjects. Younger children will be more suitable to work on hands-on science. However, when they grow up, they will need to fit themselves with more formal learning methods, such as lectures with more notetaking skills.

The online homeschool science classes from College Prep Science help our middle school kids to learn science more seriously.

It is not the first time for us to get to know College Prep Science with a great science online curriculum. Check out the background of Professor Landry and College Prep Science in the article. I was compensated for my time in writing this post.  All opinions are my own and I’m genuinely thrilled to partner with College Prep Science.

This time, our youngest son who is in his middle school level has a chance to join the Anatomy and Physiology classes taught by Professor Landry. In his elementary levels, he has done a lot of hands-on science lessons. Now, he starts to adjust himself to more serious classes and skills.

Online Homeschool Science Classes

My youngest son usually does his science lessons either independently or with my help. This is the first time for him to join online homeschool science classes. Here is some precious experience he has got

The online homeschool science classes from College Prep Science help our middle school kids to learn science more seriously.

Beautiful workbook design and layout

My son was very happy to receive the workbook files and I got them printed in our local copy store. There are 2 files that we bind into a workbook. IIt contains some points to pay attention in the beginning of the course, posters to follow the lessons, unlabelled posters, questions, note-taking guides, note-taking samples, note-taking templates, and questions to review the lessons.

The labeled posters are colorful and attractive. They make my son always want to start lessons as soon as possible. Check out these Science freebies for homeschool moms with some great designs and layouts so your children will be more enthusiastic to start learning science.

Warm welcome in each lesson

We are really glad to listen to hear the simple but cheerful routine welcome to start all of the online homeschool science lessons from Professor Landry. It looks simple and probably trivial, but it is very unique and warm for my son to start the lessons.

Christian online homeschool science classes

There is also an opening prayer in all lessons in the online homeschool science classes. Besides science, they teach kids to apply the Christian value in their daily life in a very simple way. Kids will learn how to express their gratefulness for all they have and do. They also learn how to ask for blessings from God in their daily life.

Note Taking skills

Besides the contents, my son learns note-taking skills and practice them a lot during the classes. At the beginning of the course, there is an introduction for kids on how to do the note-taking activity to record the information tidily and accurately in a shorter time. He loves to play with colors while listening and recording the contents. Thus, he trains his visual and auditory learning styles at the same time.

It is really not easy to start. He has to rewind and forward the video several time to start with. However, he gets used to do it as he practices day by day.

Adjustable speaking speed

We are non-native English speakers. Thus, we need a slower speaking speed. We are very happy that we can control the speaking speed in the videos from 1x speed (our speed) to 2.5x speed (the native speed).

The online homeschool science classes from College Prep Science help our middle school kids to learn science more seriously.

Recommendation for College Prep Online Homeschool Science Classes

Without any doubt, I would like to recommend College Prep Science for any Christian middle school to high school learners who want to learn science more seriously. The learning method doesn’t decrease the fun ways Professor Landry sends the concepts to learners. Learners can get the facts and concepts clearly while they practice the visual and auditory learning style combination. It might take time for some learners to concentrate, but all learners can do it with their own self-paced.

Don’t forget to check out these Science freebies for homeschool moms to get more ideas and updates from College Prep Science.

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