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Online Homeschooling Guitar Lessons

Online Homeschooling Guitar Lessons

We love music a lot as a family. Kids have their own specialization in music. My husband and I also have some basic in music. My older son plays piano, my middle son plays drum, and my youngest son plays piano and sing at church. All of them have once a week private lessons outside in three different places for their music courses.

Today, I would like to share our experience in having guitar lessons with Gentle Guitar. I received the product for free. I am compensated for your time. All opinions are honest, and I am not required to post a positive review.

The online education is in the trend at the moment due to the ease of access and the relatively sophisticated technology available better and better. Websites like Khan Academy and Udemy are among the leaders in this new and exciting field. You can learn a lot of things for people on the right expertise using online programs, start from academics to music and physical education.

What Is Gentle Guitar?

Online Homeschooling Guitar Lessons Gentle Guitar is at the forefront of that trend. There are other companies which does something similar, such as, but it is specialized for adult guitar students. Gentle Guitar is the first to take the concept of kids guitar tuition in this new direction. Some private teachers also offer online guitar lessons for kids. However, Gentle Guitar is the first brand with specialization in online guitar lessons for kids.

How Does Gentle Guitar Help Us?

It has been a long time that my son, Ken (12yo) has been interested in learning to play guitar. My husband can play guitar, but he is too busy to have regular time teaching my son playing guitar. He has a basic of playing musical instruments, which is piano. However, playing acoustic piano is really different with the acoustic guitar. Giving him another schedule for having the guitar lessons in the music school sounds too hard for us since my recent schedule to drop and pick kids in the afternoon lessons is very crowded. Therefore, we are very happy to have a chance to learn guitar online with the skype one on one.

With our music background, crowded schedule, and interest in playing guitar, we find that Gentle Guitar is very helpful:

  1. The music teaching is really customized to the children without wasting time.
    The tutor, Inga Hope, really could read my son’s background and ability. She tracked his ability in a very short time, so that there isn’t any wasted time in starting playing guitar.
  2. The flexible teaching is suitable for teenagers.
    She often asked my son, which way he prefers to go on the next lesson. It is really suitable with homeschooling where children (especially teenagers) have more freedom to determine the direction of learning.
  3. The detail in the position of playing guitar has special attention.
    I have enrolled my children into some private music instrument courses and I also have learned in some music courses also. According to the experience, the best courses always start with the correct position of playing the instrument. Some of the courses that we have attended didn’t teach us about that. I was surprised that the lessons always pay attention to the playing position.
  4. Teaching with the beats is from the start.
    Another teaching method that surprised me was the use of oral beat counting in playing the notes. This is really the same with what we learned from the piano lesson. My husband also took a guitar lesson with the local music school here. He never learned how to count the beats while playing and reading the notes. Learning guitar with Gentle Guitar doesn’t only teach students how to play the guitar, but it also emphasizes the application of the music theory that can be practiced in learning other instruments.
  5. Great encouragement is very motivating.
    There is usually some physical pain for some people learning certain musical instruments. Learning to play guitar usually can make pain on the tip of the fingers pressing the strings. There is also a time for learners not to be able to produce clear sound due to the less power of finger pressing the strings. For some mistakes in playing the guitar, learners might feel down. Inga Hope from Gentle Guitar always give encouragement in each of the lesson. Ken is really motivated with all of the encouragement.
  6. Flexible Teaching Due to The Poor Connection.
    There are a couple of time when we had some trouble in the internet connection during the online lessons. Gentle Guitar is very flexible due to this technical issue. Therefore, I am not really worried that my son will be left out.
  7. Parents Know The Progress Very Well.
    In most lessons, parents are suggested to accompany their children in the guitar lessons. The tutor also wanted to talk to me proactively so that I know the progress of my son and help him to be better.

Here is a short video of a little part of the online skype lesson that my son had:

I would like to thank Inga Hope from Gentle Guitar to introduce guitar to my son.

How To Enroll and To Get More Information

The Gentle Guitar is available in:

  • Private Skype Lessons:
    For ages 5 1/2 to 12+; Children under ages 10 must be accompanied by an adult; sign up any time

To get updates and offers from Gentle Guitar, you might be connected to Gentle Guitar in the social media:

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