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Our Geography Tools and References

This year is a great start for us to be more organized and more enthusiastic with Geography. It was a study that we didn’t really pay attention as much as other subjects. We started recollecting and rearranging our geography tools and references that we might have neglected for some times.

Spine Book: North Star Geography

North Star Geography by Tyler Hogan from Bright Ideas Press is really a magic geography curriculum for us. It consists of 16 parts inside. How lucky we are that it has the electronic or digital edition for us to access easily. I didn’t need to wait for months to get the curriculum arrive here in Surabaya, Indonesia. Waiting for parcel coming from the USA is very challenging in patience.

Digital North Star Geography

As soon as we received the digital version of North Star Geography, I print it three copies on both color  and B/W laser printer before they were sent to the local photo copy depot that bound them into books.

Printed and Bound North Star Geography

People From Around The World References

We also recollect our Reference to Introduce People From Around The World. It is great to be able to read the different people live in various parts of the world.
By reading multicultural books, we become more tolerant and respectful toward other people as we can see that people are unique creatures of God.
Reading about the life of people around the world teaches us to be grateful for what we are and to pray for others.
We also can learn about how people live better than us in better developed countries so that we can be motivated to build up ourselves.

References To Introduce People From Around The World

Maps and Atlases

Atlas and maps are very crucial tools in geography lessons as we use them in many different forms to fly away with our imagination to see the earth from the sky.

Globe is used to see the earth as a sphere. We can see how far a place is in terms of distance and time more easily rather than using the flat map.

Wall maps are used to get us used to the imaginative picture of the earth seen from the sky. Using the wall maps we can see the picture easily for the simplest reason. We have 3 wall maps at the moment; the Indonesia map, the Asia map, and the world map.

Reference maps and atlas are needed to find more detail information about places we research. We need to look up this resources before we work on the outline maps. We have some kinds of reference maps and atlas just because we love to collect them and we love to see some facts in the thematic maps included.

Electronic Map or GPS is used to do some activities in our North Star Geography. We love using it in less scale need of map, like going around the street without knowing the location. We just simply using the Google map.

Outline Maps are used to do a lot of activities in geography and some other subjects lessons such as the world history, current event, language arts, and religion. For this purpose, we use Wonder Maps at the moment. I really love the layers of features and colors in very structured maps. I don’t need to open pages or table of contents to find maps that we need to use. To know more about Wonder Map, click the picture below

Wondermaps on the Screen

General Geography References

Geography References

Our geography references grow from time to time. Although we can use the internet easily to do some research, I always ask my children to look up the printed references available.
They help us to do information skill practice manually. Children learn looking up information needed by skimming and scanning through the table of content, index, and keywords.

Hands On Tools

We also have some small things helping us to do some research and a few hands on activities at the moment.

  1. Compasses are very useful in both geography and science. We have a couple of them to do some hands on activities.
  2. Ruler, thread, and calculator are used to calculate the distance between places based on the scale ratio in the maps.
  3. Magnifying glass is used to see more detail pictures of maps which are usually tiny and hard to read.

Those are just very few collection of us to learn more about geography. As the love of geography is growing, I am really sure that the number of tools and reference will increase as well.
Our Geography Tools and References


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