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Our Science References

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Science Reference Books in Our Shelf

Here are some reference books that we have in our classroom bookshelf. We got them from various online and local bookstore. Some of them were just given. Some of these references are English and the others are Indonesian. I use bilingual to do science. We don’t go to the library here as there isn’t any good library around.
Beside these references, we use some simpler Indonesian books purchased from the local book stores. They are kept in the bedroom separately as kids have fiction and nonfiction days for their personal reading time.

First Human Body Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference Series)
We use this book to introduce human body system to kids and they really love it as it explain the simple part part of the body which is cell to the system using pictures. This book is recommended by Susan Wise Bauer in The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition)


First Science Encyclopedia
We use this reference mostly for our physical science like energy, chemistry, electricity, and forces. This book can explain those topic simply and clearly for elementary kids. However,

there are some simple concepts of life science inside that we rarely use.


Earth Matters
I thought that this book was about earth science and I think everybody will. This is not an

It has quite complete topics to discuss in Grade 3-6 levelearth science book, but more on the ecology which discuss about habitat and ecosystem. What I love from this book is the complete features for each habitat on Planet Earth. Each ecosystem will be completed with animals, plants, food chain, and time difference among seasons.

The Usborne Science Encyclopedia
What I like from this book is

  • It has link reference to the internet resources which is terrific to get more enrichments and expansion in discussion. NOt only terrific sites to link, but also some cliparts to use in Usborne Quicklinks

I was so sorry that I didn’t buy the hardcover edition. The binding is very easily broken. Fortunately, there is a photocopy centre close to my house which is really good in rebinding it.


The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, 3rd edition
This book has more advance points and language. We rarely use this one as kids still struggle with the languages.




How Things Work Encyclopedia
We don’t use this book often, but Ken loves it a lot as it shows some daily things work. The information inside mostly deals with physical science. All pictures are presented clearly and interactively.




Encyclopedia of Animals
Kids loves this encyclopaedia a lot as there are ranges of animal information started from A to Z presented based on the common names met in daily life. Jim who still learn reading in English loves watching the lively pictures. I used to read him and he tries to do oral narration while I am taking a note.



The Encyclopedia of Animals: A Complete Visual Guide
We were very lucky purchasing this book for sale in a local bookstore. The animal information is presented based on the classification. The writing is relatively small so I have to read for them. They cannot sit still reading by themselves.




Nat Geo Wild Animal Atlas: Earth’s Astonishing Animals and Where They Live (National Geographic Kids)
We have the Indonesian translated version. Kids really love it. They can read this independently. Well the animal information is presented based on the habitat or ecosystem.

Virtual Science Reference

  1. Wikipedia is our main reference for everything, including science . However, sometimes the language is too advanced and the pictures explaining the topic are not too catchy for my kids.
  2. We prefer using Rader’s Kapii Series which includes:
  3. Chemistry4Kids
  4. Biology4kids
  5. Geography4kids
  6. Cosmo4kids
  7. Physics4kids
  8. I also like using all links from Usborne Quicklinks. To access certain topic in the site, you need the book and the pages you are referring to
  9. Superchargedscience also has some free experiments
  10. Cybraryman is another broad educational reference link collection that needs to consider, especially the cybraryman Science
  11. Kid port has some great links classified by the scientific topics.
  12. Factmonster has free references for scientific that are affordable for my kids understanding
  13. Refdesk is not especially designed for kids, but older or high school students will be more suitable.
  14. Science Kids is a well designed reference site for kids. Beside the reference parts, it has also some experiments, news, and jokes about science topics.
  15. IPL kids space has a range of reference links which are not only for science, but also for other subjects.
  16. Science Spot has a great link collection page that is worth to wonder around
  17. Christchurchcitylibrary is a gateway with a science link collection page
  18. Extremescience’s link page is pretty cool
  19. Student’s Science News is a more serious site for kids
  20. I just find my Indonesian homeschooling buddy, Noviaty Fauziah recommend Cool Cosmos as a great reference. It is really fabulous. Thanks Noviaty.
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16 thoughts on “Our Science References

  1. Missy Homemaker says:

    Thank you for all the amazing resources! I’m a total science nerd so my kids are exposed to it informally all the time. It would be good for them to have more published resources.

    • Adelientan says:

      I have some problem with shipping from US. It takes a lot of money shipping with amazon. However, it was great when the currency is low. In addition, amazon offered a lot of discount. Do you have DHL over there?

    • Adelientan says:

      That’s right. I have some problem getting those books here. People offer some soft copy of them, but I prefer the original books. Although the price offered is great, the shipping from US is very dear.

    • Adelientan says:

      Actually I prefer the hard copy of each resource, but it is hard to get them shipped here. The virtual ones are supplemental.

    • Adelientan says:

      I am a reference collector. LOL… I like collecting but most of the time I forget about what I have collected. This posting is also my own virtual personal note so I won’t loose them.

    • Adelientan says:

      Same with me. I love both DK and Usborne. I bought them when the currency was not as high as it is right now. Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. Ashley Wright says:

    Wow! I had no idea there were so many books about science! This is wonderful for all homeschooling families. Thanks for sharing the resources! I would love to stop by again very soon!

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