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Our Weekdays

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to share our daily life that slightly different starting this year after the youngest son, Jim 6 years old go to school.
Early in the morning from Monday to Friday, Ken and Tom go to church mass at 05:15AM with my husband. Of course they have to wake up 30 minutes before to get ready. Although it sounds very early, they look so fresh when they arrive home from church. I sometimes wake up to alert my husband and the boys. Honestly, I cannot wake up that early as I am a late owl. It was horribly hard to start this, but we try to give them understanding many times that they are very lucky to attend the daily morning mass at church.

By attending daily mass,

  • They receive the holy communion, which symbolises Christ body.

  • They listen and read to God’s words from the bible, even not with deep understanding. Hopefully some seeds are planted and grown in their heart and life.

  • They get some real knowledge about some church tradition, dogma, and celebration.

  • They get to know and to be involved in church communities.

  • I just wake up at 05:35AM to prepare Jim going to school.
  • At 06:10AM Ken, Tom, and Jim have breakfast together
  • Jim goes to school at 06:30AM with my husband, while I take a shower and get ready to start the day. I review my agenda that day after having breakfast. Ken and Tom prepare their workbox and schedule before they practice music.
  • At 7:30AM we start our lessons with some religious activities like reading about the saints, bible activities, prayer copyworking, hymn singing, etc for 30 minutes. We close the session with prayer.
  • We start our lesson at 08.00AM most of the time. It is earlier than the previous one. We use timer to manage our time
  • At 12:00, my alarm rings to remind us with Angelus. We just start this tradition this year. It is very meaningful for us in the middle of the day. We just drop everything and pray together. It supposes closing our day. However, we usually finish late at 01:00PM because of some distractions around. Jim, the youngest one, go home at 12:15PM with my husband who picks him up. Usually we welcome him home to rebuild his spirit which usually looks very awful of hot and tired from the road.
  • Anyway, at 12:30PM we have lunch together and share how we have done during the day.
  • At 01:15PM, kids should have been ready for nap while I have home blessing and mom blessing activities.
  • We should be ready for our afternoon session at 02:30PM (the earliest)or at 03:00PM mostly. It is time for me to be their driver. I bring my books or my work to kill the time when they are doing training, tutor, or lessons. However, I usually return home to accompany Jim review his school lesson after I drop Ken or Tom to their venue.
  • Our afternoon till evening sessions are different day to day, but we have our dinner at 07:00PM most of the time. It is the time for us to share things.
  • Before we go to sleep, we have reading time continued by night prayer. Kids go to sleep at 09:00PM.

Then, it is my time with husband before my quiet time or mom blessing activities.
When I see our regular day, it looks monotone. I should be more aware that children are growing in every second before it comes to years. What I always tell them

Time is running. Once we miss it, we loose it. We need to be grateful for the time God gives. Therefore, we need to use it wisely.

Have a great day everyone! Let’s use our time with kids wisely. They won’t stay the same like they are right now.

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4 thoughts on “Our Weekdays

  1. Sara R says:

    I like how you tell your children, “Time is running. Once we miss it, we loose it. We need to be grateful for the time God gives. Therefore, we need to use it wisely.” I feel like that is wisdom we could all use in our lives. I will be sure to tuck that pearl away in my heart and use it again

    • admin says:

      Even I use the quote for my self when I am not in the right track, “Hey Adelien, what are you doing? The time is running and it won’t return”. Have a nice day

  2. ah0302 says:

    It’s always interesting trying to capture what a day looks like (or what we hope it to look like). Thanks for sharing yours!

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