Preparing the Notebooking Pages for A Year

Preparing the Notebooking Pages for A Year

The new year of homeschooling preparation has finished. If you missed our 5 days of new homeschool year preparation, you might check them out. However, I think I missed one more preparation that we did. Preparing the notebooking activity for a year is a very important step that I did early in this year. There are a lot of reasons to say that notebooking activities are very important for us. I try very hard to avoid any problems that we had in notebooking activities.

Checking The Yearly Subject Planning

We have some steps in planning our homeschooling year. The planning of notebooking activities is embeded in the yearly subject planning. Finding a chance to involve notebooking in the most convenient ways for your family is very crucial to do early in the beginning of the year. Be careful to avoid a crowded notebooking activities. You need to check the schedule across the time table. I mean Doing too many notebooking can get us bored easily (but it is not always)

Prepare some necessary tools for the notebooking activities.

Choosing The Best Notebooking Resources

There are some ways to get a better notebooking pages. First of all, we can make our own notebooking pages. This is a great way to customize the notebooking pages as what we want. You might type the title and images of the pages suited with the need according to the lesson plan. However, it will take longer amount of time creating the pages one by one. Another way to make a more customized notebooking pages is by using Notebooking Web Apps

Next, you might purchase or download notebooking pages instantly from some paid or free sites online. You need to select the most appropriate packs to meet your need according to your either rough or accurate lesson plan you have. The instant notebooking pages are any notebooking pages that has been compiled into a packages with a well structured lesson plan and with ready to use features of notebooking pages activities that might look better than what you have and more complete. I really love shopping and hunting for instant notebooking page as they look very cute and compact. As the theme and structures of the packages have been made up, we might spend more money to purchase from time to time. We are sometimes easily tempted to spend a lot of money for this purpose when there are some discount or big sale events. In the end, we just don’t use all we have purchased.

We also can get blank notebooking page templates in packages. They are usually available to use anytime we like. There isn’t any title and specifc pictures related to the contents. Therefore, children have to write and draw both the title and more relevan pictures by themselves. I think this is the most practical way for us right now. Kids becomes more creative and have more sense of belonging. Here are a couple of alternatives for this kinds of product: Basic Lined Notebooking Pages and 100+ Notebooking Page Templates

Printing Out The Notebooking Pages

Rather than waiting the lesson plan close to be scheduled, I prefer preparing all the resources and materials as early as possible. It will prevent the lost and ignorant feeling in the middle of the period. If we don’t use what we have prepared, we can keep it for the next time or year. Therefore, I prefer choosing blank templates at the moment to prevent wasting of time, money, and materials.

Well, we print a lot of blank notebooking page templates on various colors of paper. Kids have the right to choose their notebooking page layout that they think suitable with their notebooking content

We also print out most curriculum notebooking as it has been planned before we get lazy along with the other activities and emergency schedule. We don’t want to neglect the plan that we have already made. Therefore, we push ourselves ahead.

Organizing The Pages

This year we try to improve our notebooking page organization. We have not finished completely for this step, but I would like to share things that I plan to do to organize the notebooking pages. In this step we have separate treatment toward the blank notebooking templates and the curriculum notebooking templates.

It is not difficult to organize the curriculum notebooking pages. We will talk about this later in the next point.

It takes us more time to organize the blank notebooking templates so that they won’t get messy and lost. Well, we classify the templates based on the similarities. You might see how we classify the notebooking page templates in our previous posting, problem in notebooking activities . I ask kids to help me with this step and they have been very helpful.

We keep the blank notebooking page templates in the clear holder or document keepers. Of course we need a fat one with wider spine. You might hole punch the pages so that we don’t need to do it one by one each time you finish the activities. We do hole punching early because it takes time when we did it at the end of activities. Moreover, I am afraid that if we make mistakes in hole punching after activities, the children work will be broken.

Providing Binders

For the curriculum notebooking pages, we put them in binders with dividers. If you don’t have dividers, plastic protectors with tags stuck on the edge as dividers. Just separate the pages in certain groups. For example: we separate the copy work from practice  and coloring pages.

There are some kinds of binders available in the market based on the number of rings and the thickness. We use all the 3 ring binders to make the paper stay more steadily and safely. 3 ring binders are not common here as it is difficult to get the hole punchers. Luckily, I found one in the book store so that I can use the 3 ring binders. For the binders’ thickness, We use either 55mm, 40mm, or 25mm, based on the notebooking activity frequency.

It is great also to give spines and cover to the binder to have a better look on each binder. We have made some blank spines for you to use. Give text boxes with some fonts that you like for the title of the binders. You might add any pictures that you like. Click this picture below

DIY Notebooking Binder Spines

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