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{Printable} Spring Resources and Summer Preparation

{Printable} Spring Resources and Summer Preparation pin

Spring has broken. Get some spring resources and summer preparation to explore the two seasons better to make your days brighter.

{Printable} Spring Resources and Summer Preparation pin

Hi everyone!

The weather is getting hotter and hotter here. Yes, that’s right. We don’t live in a four seasoned country that has spring as a transition from the cold winter to the hot summer, but we still can feel how different our climate has been when spring has broken in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

  • The humidity gets increased. It is much easier to get sweaty. Kids change clothes more frequently. Can you imagine our laundry?
  • There are less rainy days. Our rainy days are usually with thunderstorms, strong wind, and flood. We live close to the equator.
  • The temperature is hotter. I can feel that especially at night. It is worst than the hot season on June to October.
  • There are more diseases as usual. When the season changes, there are usually more disease accompanying it.

They sound not so nice, but that is the way to the hot weather, when we start our new academic year. Related with the schooling time, we just feel that around this season we are not as enthusiastic as the beginning. We are going to participate on the national standardization exam and we are longing for the holiday.

How is your spring? Do you prepare for your summer holiday as well?

From our old post, we would like to reshare some spring resources and summer preparation that will make your spring and summer greater:

Let’s Welcome Spring and Summer: Creative Nature Walk Idea For All Ages

Spring and Summer are two seasons when we can do the nature walk with the best atmosphere. I don’t say that other seasons are not good for the nature walk activity. In the two seasons where the sunlight is on the best time, we can observe and feel better the nature relatively. Check out the great resource for the nature walk activities during the spring and summer

Our FREE Summer Holiday Planner

We created the Summer Holiday Planner that was given away on Spring so that you will have enough time to plan for your summer vacation and holiday activities in the next season. For those who have not downloaded this, you might grab it now.

Today we are giving away our latest self-made resources, Spring Notebooking and Coloring Pages, for a limited time.

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The product is not available for free, but you still can get it with a very affordable price

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