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Reasons for Homeschooling through High School

There are a lot of challenges and consideration to homeschool high school children, Here are some reasons for Reasons for Homeschooling through High School

Homeschooling to high school has never been in our mind when we started to homeschool our children. It was too good to think about. There are a lot of challenges and consideration that made it hard to get into the decision. When we started, we thought that we would stop once kids come to the middle school. We extended and finally, the time for us to make the decision came. We continue to homeschool through high school. Here are some reasons homeschool high school children

There are a lot of challenges and consideration to homeschool high school children, Here are some reasons homeschool high school children

7 Reasons Homeschool High School


When people are noisy to make socialization as the main issue to homeschool children, we extend our homeschool through high school. That sounds impossible, but we do it. We started homeschooling 7 years ago with big socialization issues. Homeschooling has trained our children to socialize with people in the real society. Now, they have belonged to several organizations and communities that make it hard to cut out the relationships. They will be too busy to be active in the society when they go to school. What about college? Colleges or universities will give more flexibility and freedom to participate in the real-life society. Thus, we continue homeschooling children through high school.


In the high school age, my son’s talents and interests are blooming. He plans to go out of home when he enters college. It means high school will be like the last level to polish and to complete the education of the talents and interest. For my son, high school is the level 5 of his swimming training which is included into a senior. He also tries his best in ABRSM piano exam. His piano talent increases significantly in this age. Meanwhile, my other son will also reach the significant progress in his interest and talent when he reaches high school. He will miss everything if he leaves homeschool. He will lose what he had trained so far. In fact, he has gone too far.


There are a lot of “politics” in the schools. Most of the high school teachers, especially in the science major, will have a private tutorial for all students. This will make students go home very late and they will have very little time at home. Since I was at high school, the political culture of the private tutorial has never changed. EVen, It is getting worse. When students refuse to do a private tutorial, they will certainly get bad scores. That is a fact. The politics is very unfair, in my opinion. Most of the exams will be taken from the tutorial. The teachers will usually change the numbers. Honestly, I have been a victim when I was in the high school. I have forgotten this issue, but many people mention this recently.


Since the beginning, independence in learning has been our main goals to homeschool children. It means that we can learn anytime, anywhere, and anything. Learning in high school is quite different from the previous year levels, especially here in Indonesia. We have to follow the rigid curriculum. Yes, we are doing a kind of traditional homeschool method. We use a lot of text books. That sounds very awful and terrible. It seems that we lost our freedom. However, with the less flexible homeschool method, we still can get the value of being independent learners.

Unlike, a student in the public school, homeschooling high school children is also like giving a lesson of independent learning. our son can plan and realize their study independently. It is such a blessing for our children to have this chance. He will set his learning target, manage the resources, and decide the way he learns based on the curriculum he has.

Learn for College

Our Indonesian curriculum has a lot of unnecessary subjects to learn in the public school, with a fewer requirement to include in the college entrance test. In our opinion, it is such a waste of time to learn something without interest at all. It is another blessing that my son has already known what he wants to be in the future and some alternatives related to the academic interest. He thinks that it is better to get immersed in something that he wants to rather than spending a lot of time in some areas that are not in his destination in college.

Family Bond

Most of high school students, with the science major like what my son takes, go to school at 6:00AM and go home at least at 04:00PM (mostly 06:00PM) daily. Can you imagine to meet your children in much fewer time in a day? We use to meet almost 14 hours in a day (including sleeping). It will be a shock for both of us. How much interaction will we have? The issue will be different when it is about college level when he leaves home. My son thinks that high school is still not the right time to be separated from us (parents). He still need to learn to live independently. Tight family bond is one way to learn to be an independent person.


The issue of bullying is still popular in the high school level. It might due to the immature thinking students have in that age. There are a lot of “unhealthy” competition in the school environment regarding richness and trivial things. The college should be better because students will be more individuals than the high school ones.

Do you homeschool through high school? or do you plan to?

In my opinion, homeschool high school children is the best level so far. They are much more independent in learning. They start to be mature so they will have more insight toward life and dream. They are our friends and our children at the same time.

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