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7 Jaw-Dropping Shameless Reasons to be Male Ballet Dancers

In the middle of the negative stereotypes, the ballet world still needs and includes male ballet dancers. Here are 7 reasons to be male ballet dancers.

Being male ballet dancers are often stereotyped as being sissy and weak. On the other hand, the myth has no strong proof. The existence of male ballet dancers has been as old as the age of ballet itself.

You might be confused why in a sudden I write about ballet, which is not directly related to either homeschool or parenting. Many young professional ballet dancers are determined to homeschool because of the demand for vigorous and intensive ballet training. On the contrary, when my youngest son works to be a professional male ballet dancer because he is homeschooled. In other words, homeschool gives my sons more chance to choose his passion and it is the duty of parents to support children with such positive passion.

I write this post based on my personal experience as a mother of a pre-professional male ballet dancer. I ask my son what makes him have a commitment to be a male ballet dancer. There are some personal researches I have done to convince myself as a mother.

In the middle of the negative stereotypes, the ballet world still needs and includes male ballet dancers. Here are 7 reasons to be male ballet dancers.

Reasons to be Male Ballet Dancers

Many people ask my son why he wants to be a professional male ballet dancer. It was not easy for him to answer that question when he started in his 8 years old. He still didn’t know his motivation behind his one-week ballet training routine. He just enjoyed it day by day.

This is my son’s solo performance a year before he decided to be a professional male ballet dancer. He was still very young

He has been falling in love with ballet more and more. He finally decided to be a professional one. He started to do a full time training after doing 5 years of ballet as a hobby. In the middle of that time, he has been thinking a lot about his reasons to be a male ballet dancer. As a parent, I also thought over his decision before we agree to work hard on his dream.

This is 1 year after he entered the pre professional ballet program:

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Check out these 7 Jaw-Dropping Shameless Reasons to be Male Ballet Dancers.

Simply Entertaining by Giving a Contrast on the Stage

Being a professional or not, male ballet dancers will give contrast on the stage, since the male style is different from the female ones, which usually dominate the ballet world. It will be more entertaining and fun to see males in a ballet performance. This is the main and simple reason to be a male ballet dancer that my son thought. He said that the stage will be less boring and more interesting with the attendance of male ballet dancers.

Male Ballet Dancers are Muscular

During his trainings as a young male ballet dancer, my son watch a lot of senior and popular male ballet dancers. He just realizes that all professional male ballet dancers he watches are muscular. They have done a lot of physical trainings behind this beautiful dancing arts to perform the dance perfectly.

On his desire to be a professional dancer, my son also experiences hard works to develop himself physically. This physical training gives the fruit of a muscular body, besides the skills and the abilities to perform better.

Thus, being male ballet dancers is not something embarrassing. They work as hard as athletes and as elegant as celebrities.

The History of Ballet Involved Male since the Beginning

According to the history of ballet, which was started in Italy during the Renaissance Era, the development of ballet was dominated by a ballet master and his students. Most of the ballet theatrical performances will need male performers as parts of the characters.

Since male ballet dancers are involved in the history and they are rare, it would be great also to be apart of the history if there is a chance.

Ballet is not Less Challenging than Football

Learning ballet is seriously challenging physically and technically. It might be more complicated than learning to play football. Ballet which looks like only for females demands high energy and skill a lot for males as well.

Male ballet has some different and additional styles from female ballet. The female ballet emphasizes pointe work, while the male ballet will work on lifting, turning, and jumping. Those movements demand a lot of practice of the correct methods, energy, and persistence.

Both ballet and sports need a lot of power, but ballet will give more arts or beauty, through flexibility and balance. Besides arts, professional ballet dancers need to have knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Only with hardship and correct practice will dancers see the perfect result. Thus, when people say that doing ballet is girly for males, it is totally not correct. Being girly or not will depend on the attitude and lifestyle.

It is An Education to be a Chivalrous Knight

Instead of being sissy or girly, professional male ballet dancers are trained to be chivalrous knights. Either as a soloist or a partner in a couple dance, a male ballet dancer needs to show the charming posture of a gentleman in the olden day. He will need to treat his partner gently and to communicate well.

It is not only in the term of treating partners, male ballet dancers need to behave like chivalrous knights in any movement and way of trainings. Looking for a great way to help your sons to be gentlemen? Check out Raising Modern Boys with the Old Knight Chivalry Codes

Knights in Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate BoysKnights in Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate BoysKnights in Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys


Male Ballet Dancers are on Demand

Whether it was in the past, it is in the present, and in the future, the ballet world will always need male ballet dancers. There are several kinds of ballet performances. You can watch solo, duo, couple, and colossal ballet performances. The classical colossal ballet performance will usually demand at least 1 male dancer to be the main character. Female dancers can disguise to be male characters for the rest of the performers as needed.

On the other hand, in our opinion (my son’s and mine), there are fewer male ballet dancers than females. Thus, the demand for male ballet dancers is more than female ones. As a result, ballerinos should have got a better chance than ballerinas in the ballet world. I don’t do accurate surveys for this statement, but this fact is based on the current general condition.

Male Ballet Dancers are Balance

Have you heard about the right and left brain theory? Most males have a tendency to use the left brain which relies on logical thinking more than artistic or imaginative thinking. On the other hand, a balanced body means the ability to keep still in certain positions. It will train concentration and patience.

  1. Ballet requires scientific logic and imaginative arts. Turning, lifting, and jumping need a kind of calculation in angle and power consumption. Meanwhile, face expressions need the imagination of the plot and setting.
  2. There are a lot of ballet movements that require body balance and flexibility. In the process, they will need a great deal of concentration and patience practice, and training. These will be the best for younger males to train their concentration and patience. Younger boys will need a lot of training in concentration and patience.

What Do Male Ballet Dancers Do after Performing Retirement?

Like other careers that rely on physical ability, there is some physical limitation to be able to perform on stage. It sounds very pathetic when people ask how far your son will do ballet? Well, there are some options in our head once the performance career finishes.

  1. Being a choreographer will be interesting to work on the same business line
  2. The most popular and never-ending career is being a ballet instructor for both online and offline classes
  3. Start a ballet school as early as possible
  4. Going to college and continue the education which is related to their other passion or hobby.
  5. Working as a certificated personal trainer will be good because there must be the experience of working out during the training days.
  6. Working on the performance-related business, like a costume designer, makeup artist, backstage helpers, etc
  7. Become a dietician or nutritionist will be great as well to help other performers or people maintain their food intake to be healthy.
  8. Working online as a freelancer. This is a very broad option to work on.
  9. Start a new business based on interest and opportunity. There are a lot of options, such as being:
    • a gardener
    • a chef
    • a farmer
    • a crafter
    • a blogger
    • a writer
    • a farmer
    • etc.
  10. To be a ballet journalist, photographer, blogger, dance shop owner, and any other works relate or non related too ballet. As soon as dancers are still active or productive as performers, it is better to build a network with people around the industry.

Being retired from the stage should not be the end of the world for male ballet dancers. There are great benefits and opportunities during and after the journey. Thus, being male ballet dancers is not embarrassing and it can be one alternative for boys.

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