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5 More Fabulous Reasons to do Nature Walk Activities

Nature walk is included into our favorite activity during our homeschool because it is very useful and fun. There are more and more reasons to do nature walk activity for kids and their family, especially the homeschool family. Today I would like to share some FREE Kids Nature Walk printable to give more ideas and guides about nature walk activities for family.

Fall is the most artistic season if you live in a four-seasons country. We don’t have fall here, but we enjoyed fall so much when we travelled to London several years backward. It has each own sensation as a transition season between two extreme seasons, summer and winter.

  • We love the colors in the nature which range from the fresh green to orange, red, and “old” brown. Nature looks so rich in colors.
  • We enjoy observing the animal behavior that looks secretive collecting food
  • The unpredicted weather is confusing, but the smell is unique

Although we can do nature walk in any season, fall looks so lovely to do the activity.

There are more reasons that we recommend nature walk activities than before. Check out our previous 5 reasons to do nature walk activities

There are more and more reasons to do nature walk activity for kids and their family, especially the homeschool family. Today I would like to share some FREE Kids Nature Walk printable to give more ideas and guides about nature walk activities for family.

General Learning Process in Nature Walk Activity

Like its name, nature walk activities is not only about hiking and enjoy the scenery and working out. This activity gives more attention to the nature. Nature walk is closely related to nature study, which is more relevant to biology as a branch of science. Here is a typical process of nature walk as a part of nature study:

Planning for the Nature Walk Activity

To have a successful nature walk activity, you will need to plan for it. It is not always true that planned activities must be more successful than the unplanned ones. However, you will need to have a minimum plan to anticipate things might happen. You don’t need too detail planning for nature walk activity, Minimum planning will consist of:

  • The location of activity
  • The date and time
  • The weather forecast to anticipate
  • The goals and the outcomes
  • The process and the tools/equipments needed

You don’t have to plan everything by yourself. You might discuss with kids as well.

Observation and Recording

In any nature walk activity, kids will need to do observation and recording. Here are some tools and methods they might use:

  • Sketch pencils
  • Video and camera (you might replace it with smart phone)
  • Crayons
  • Binocular
  • Notebook

Conclusion and Reporting

As you know, we love notebooking activity to work on almost all subjects. Check out Nature Study Journal from Productive Homeschooling. We have been joining the lifetime membership since the beginning of our homeschooling journey.

Nature Study Journal Notebooking Pages

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5 More Reasons to do Nature Walk Activities

A Real Lesson to be Grateful

Doing nature walk activity will raise gratitude. The more we enjoy nature, the more we aware how mighty the creator is. In this way, kids will be able to appreciate nature more highly. The more people feel grateful, the happier they tend to be.

Flexible to Do Anywhere and Anytime

We can do nature walk and study in any season and any time of the day or night. We don’t have to do it in specific time. We only have to check out the right weather and other conditions for the sake of safety and effectivity.

Reduce Screen Time

Nature walk will definitely reduce the screen time for all family members. They will not have enough time to check out their smartphone. This will make the eyes more relax and everyone is expected to get closer without gadget.

Build Nature and Environment Sensitivity

The habit of paying attention to the nature surrounding us will educate us to be more sensitive to the environment around us. That will include the people and the physical situation. Modern people really need to be more care to the surrounding.

Nurture Critical Thinking

Nature keeps a lot of mysteries. Nature walk will trigger inquiries. There will be more questions as they do the nature walk more frequently. Thus, kids will nurture critical thinking habits as well.

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FREE Kids Nature Walk printable

There are 16 printables in the bundle:

  1. Nature Walk Checklist
  2. Nature Walk Activity Ideas
  3. My Nature Walk with drawing
  4. Nature Spotlight
  5. On My Nature Walk 5 Senses
  6. Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt – Intermediate
  7. Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt – Beginner
  8. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
  9. My Adopt-a-Tree Journal
  10. I Saw a Tree – a tree observation form
  11. My Tree in Spring
  12. My Tree in Summer
  13. My Tree in Autumn
  14. My Tree in Winter
  15. Rock Observation Record
  16. Bird Observation

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