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References To Introduce People From Around The World

References To Introduce People From Around The WorldIndonesia is a rich country with about 300 different ethnics that have various cultures. Going around Indonesia from the west to the east, you will find different languages, face type, and cultures and characters. It is a never ending story. Unfortunately, we have a little introduction, reference, and experience with all of the rich people and their society. Without visiting the place, we only just read very little things about the place.

Well, by posting this article I don’t mean to lessen the importance of Indonesia in our education at all, but I was impressed by some questions my children asked when we went to Bali. Bali is a very famous tourism object in Indonesia. It is always visited by people around the world. Even some people know Bali better than Indonesia itself. Indeed, it is a very beautiful island with rich cultures. I remember when Jim asked me why some people there have got red hair with bigger eyes. I knew what he meant well. He had never seen westerners before, even in the TV as he only watched cartoon. He also asked me why there were also some black people with curly hair. The elder kids have seen some different people and known some different language. However, with Jim’s questions they were hooked and they asked me some different things.

From that inquiries our learning about other people around the world was started. We reviewed our previous lessons in Geography as I thought it was my mistakes not giving the chance to explore a bit about people’s around the world altogether with their Geography lesson. Oh my… It is better late than never. I suggest you not to miss this part with your kids when you come to people around the world discussion topic. Kids were very interested to know how other people from other country look like and sound like.

Here are some book recommendations helping us to introduce other people from around the world:

A Child’s Introduction to the World: Geography, Cultures, and People – From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China

This book has some very wonderful illustration and information which are very very suitable to introduce geography to children, a sense of time and place. It gives  the bog picture how people around the world are different because of the differences in their environment and inheritance. Rather than using text book, this book is much more lively to connect children to the world.

Another Trip Around the World, Grades K – 3: Bring Cultural Awareness to Your Classroom with Activities Across the Curriculum
This book contain some cultural and geographical activities and information related to some countries. What I like from this book is the unique information and activities learning about some recipe, common vocabulary such as numbers and greetings, celebration, and some cultures. To get more from this book, it would be great if we can be more creative to modify the activities and information in this book so that they become more lively.

A Trip Around the World, Grades K – 5: Bringing Cultural Awareness to Your Classroom with Activities Across the Curriculum
I am not sure whether this book is published before or after the previous one, but they have some similarities. They just contain information and activities from different countries. If you like the previous one, you should like this book as well. The illustration is just black and white, but they are fun. Therefore, they need to be modified to make them more interesting.

A New Trip Around the World, Grades K – 5: Activities Across the Curriculum for Cuba, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Chile, Iraq, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Morocco, Norway, Guatemala, Spain, and Peru

This is another seri of A trip Around the World which contents similar features of the previous books but it deals with other countries activities and information. It is a worth collection to introduce people around the world.

Children Just Like Me: A Unique Celebration of Children Around the World

I just fell in love with this book since the first time I opened it when I was working as a librarian teacher. This book is a kind of travel diary of Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley to meet children around the world. They introduce children representing some countries. In each introduction to the children, they inform how the family looks like, their handwriting style, and some other particular information which is unique.

Children Just Like Me: Celebrations!
This book contains some popular holidays around the world divided based on the four seasons when they are celebrated in their countries. Not only the children that have fun with this information, but also does the mother. If we had enough time, we will go to further information about each celebration.


A Life Like Mine: How Children Live Around the World

This book educates children and parents to know that children around the world should have the same right, but what happen is different in facts. This book also teaches solidarity among children and how they need to concern to each other, especially to others who are not so fortunate as them.


If I had a chance to get this book, I would like to purchase some Christmas around the world books like these:

Christmas Around the World

I haven’t read this book, but it must be very suitable to start December with this book. I wish I had ordered one as I am curious also about how people around the world celebrate Christmas.



Christmas Around the World Coloring Book (Dover Holiday Coloring Book)

We love coloring together although it looks so childish. Coloring is thought only for kids, but I love coloring as well as my kids.



Some story from around the world books are also great for kids to introduce other culture around the world:

Stories from Around the World

This book was great for my kids to incorporate literature in geography. I think we need to get the more complicated one for Ken right now. Anyway, Jim and Tom still enjoy it well.


We sometimes use some youtube or online resources too, but having those books on hands are different. We combine the activities using both lapbooking and notebooking. If you haven’t visited our posts, please do now.

Do you learn or plan to learn about people around the world with children?

Do you have any good resource to introduce kids to the international world?

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  1. Jill @ Called To Be A Mom says:

    I love this! This is second best to just getting out there and traveling. I know that we all are on a budget, but I loved saving up and going to a different country last week. It helped my own world view. It made me learn more than I could ever learn from a book. But, I did study lots of books getting prepped for my trip.

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