Santa Claus in the Family {FREE Printables}

Santa Claus in the Family - FREE printables

Before I was 7 years old, I always waited for the coming of Santa on December 5. My mom asked me to put some dry grass in our shoes and place them under the bed. She said that it was for the reindeers’ supper. When I woke up in the morning, there wasn’t any dry grass anymore. It was replaced by a present. I really believed the myth of Santa Claus in the family that we called here Sinterklaas.

Many children love mascot or hero. Santa can be their hero during the Christmas time. Of course, it is not only Santa that can be a hero. Even a monkey like Melk can be a hero to help kids counting down to the Christmas. Some children feel safer when they have a hero. They also don’t feel lonely during a certain time.

There are some pros and contras about the myth of Santa Claus in the Christmas. Everyone has a different opinion and thought about Santa Claus in the family. Some people say that Santa just looses the religious meaning of Christmas in the Christianity. Even some people that say Santa is an anagram of Satan. However, Santa has taught children the value of kindness, generosity, and forgiveness. Even the children have done mischievous things, Santa will forgive and visit them once in a year. Considering the pro-reason, I don’t think that telling the myth of Santa is something bad (although parents have to tell lie here). If they don’t believe, just say that it is just a tradition.

Santa Claus in the Family - FREE printables

For me, telling children about the myth of Santa will also increase the imaginative and the creative thinking in some other ways. The idea of Santa that lives in the North Pole in a castle or a headquarter can trigger a lot of creative ideas that we can relate with the real daily issues. There are a lot of movies about the life of Santa Claus available. Here are things that we can find in the Santa’s Headquarter.

  1. The various room
    Each room should have different functions and parts you can integrate into any subject approach.
  2. The elves
    There are a lot of elves like it is mention in the myths. They have different jobs, characters, and appearances that children can explore.
  3. The sleigh
    Sleigh can be compared to the modern transportation instruments. There are some concepts applied using this imaginative sleigh.
  4. The toys
    We should not forget the toys with the functions and appearance. They can boost the interest of children in both exploring and creating a new one.
  5. The machines
    The imaginative machines told in the myth can be a great topic for pattern, system, and technical things.
  6. The building
    The place and the shape of the headquarter itself have been a creative inspiration for children to write a story, to design a new building, etc.
  7. The tools
    There are a lot of tools to help the elves and Santa work that children can invent and analyze.

Santa Claus Notebooking Pages and Writing Prompts

Today I am going to share our FREE Printable, Santa’s Headquarter Notebooking Pages and Writing Prompts. Here are the things you might get:

  • 15 basic lined notebooking pages with various picture about the rooms in the building, the elves, and some tools.
    There is a title on each of the page to inform about the picture.
  • 15 writing prompts on half A4 can be printed on stock paper to help children writing about the picture.
  • 15 numbers of the writing prompts typed on 2 piece of paper to let parents control the prompts.

Please click the picture bellow to download

Santa's Headquarter Notebooking Pages and Writing Prompts

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