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Second Month of Our Homeschooling 2013-2014

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Here we come with our second month of 2013-2014. Let’s start with the greatest thing happen to us. we just moved into our new classroom above the garage. Therefore, our learning is much better. Kids are more independent doing their work.

Ken has finished his mixed fraction multiplication and division. Now he is starting changing fractions into decimals. The fraction multiplication was done perfectly. He could learn independently, even with the word problem. Division was done well, although he needed some help in learning. However it was still on a normal way and nothing wrong with this one. Changing fractions into decimals is still on going.
Tom has finished his fraction. Last Tuesday he did a test and show good understanding. A couple of the problems need more accurate checking. Now he is learning decimals, the first time introduction.
I really love Math Mammoth as it can lead my kids learn independently ( not always, but most of the time). Even for Tom who really needs deliberately help in Maths, He can learn the decimal chapter by himself.
Jim’s Maths can follow his Maths lesson at school easily. It is not strange as his school math is much easier than what he has learnt at home.

Bahasa Indonesia
Both Ken and Tom have finished their second chapter and get ready for the third one.
Ken could give comment, suggestion, and reasons in responding to things very well. He also could analyze the traditional myth using well arranged sentences. He comes up with new vocabulary. He could summarize newspaper article after taking notes of it.
Tom could write direct sentences using appropriate punctuation marks. However, he often forgets using capital letters. He also could scan a reading passage and answer reading comprehension problem without any help.
Jim needs more concentration to read a series of ten reading comprehension questions in a passage. He also needs to fix his writing. Here I have a problem. I always emphasized using manuscript writing to make sure that he has good foundation, but his school demands him writing in cursive style. I think he is not ready yet.

Well finally we finish or animal and plant reproduction by having long narration. Both of them can explain the generative and vegetative reproduction of plants and animals very well. Today we are going to city plantation field trip to see and learn how to do man made vegetative reproduction. Our next topic will be about human reproduction. I have prepared the resources and learning sequence that I am going to share later. It must be a very interesting discussion.

English Language Arts
Ken has not finished The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn yet as we have been quite distracted with our moving classroom. He combines his reading with reading comprehension gym in Tom has finished Charles Dicken’s The Bleak House. He could analyse the setting, characters, plot, and message. I get him combine his reading with Reading Eggs’ Library, Thumbling and The Original Mc Guffey’s Second Readers chapter 28, 29, 33-35. In each chapter, he found out some new words and made up sentences using those words. In arranging sentences, he needs to think about the subjects and verbs appropriately.

Tom has finished chapter 3 of Writing Strands level 3 about describing a person. He described his cousin Maggie with some short sentences. He needs to explore them using longer and more complicated sentences as what he learnt in the previous theory.
Ken is still doing the first part of chapter 3 Writing Strands level 3. He tries to describe Jim.

Both Ken and Tom are doing how to spell the -s or -es at the end of verbs

Both of them are learning how to differentiate Present Continuous from Present Simple tenses. Some more explanation is needed.

We have finished discussing about Wester, Eastern, South Asia with their representative countries. At the end of Asia topic kids had to write all his knowledge about the country they had learnt about. I can say that their result was awesome. Ken wrote about Chine while Tom wrote about Japan. They did it very well. All knowledge they have known about those country.
Now we are doing Africa.

Both of them have finished chapter 1 of their book and they will have test on Monday.

World History
We have just finished our Ancient Rome and we are going to explore Ancient India.

Although this month is quite busy to move our classroom and get Ken has test for standardization, we try our hard to catch up with the schedule.

15 thoughts on “Second Month of Our Homeschooling 2013-2014

  1. Growing Up Madison says:

    Sounds like they’re doing great! I’m sure its all thanks to your commitment as well. Keep up the good work with them. I plan on homeschooling my toddler when the time comes as well so have been reading a lot of homeschooling blogs as well for tips.

    • admin says:

      Homeschooling will also the best chance to give the best for kids and get to know them better before it is too late. Thanks for stopping by…

  2. Jill @ Called To Be A Mom says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am still so excited that you got your new classroom. I even shared with my husband! Wow, read a blog and share with the hubby you knew it met a lot to me.

    Thanks for sharing the progress. It encourages me to watch other homeschooling mommies that are further in the process than I am.

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