Resources to Start, Renew, and Live Up Homeschooling

Resources to Start, Renew, and Live Up Homeschooling

Resources to Start, Renew, and Live Up HomeschoolingIt is almost the end of the school year for many homeschooling families. Some homeschooling families might have finished their target of learning, but some of them might be struggling with burning out and bored.

At the same time, there are many families that have just decided to homeschool their children. They might feel excited, clueless, and worried like what we felt in our first time of homeschooling decision.

Our first year of homeschooling our sons was very hard for us, I would like to confess. We don’t know anyone around us that homeschooled their children. Even none of people around us that agree with homeschooling. It was November 2011 when we started our homeschooling. We pull out our sons from the public school. I didn’t have any acquaintance of homeschooling family at all. The blogs and the ebooks I purchased in Kobo were my main resources. Therefore, I started my blog with the main reason to help other people like us which lived in the remote and isolated homeschooling atmosphere.

There are several post I have written based on my knowledge and experience for those who are going to start or to cut off homeschooling:

The Ultimate Guides to Start Homeschooling

7 Ways to Improve Your Homeschooling

Before The Homeschooling Being Burnt Out 

My Favourite Home Education Books

Besides, there is always one set of resources that is sold annually to help me start, improve, and live up homeschooling. God was great. In August 2012, I found the first and the original homeschooling bundle I had ever known, Omnibus 2012. The bundle has really saved our passion in homeschooling our children. It was awesome to read and to use the components of the bundle in a year. Since then, I never miss the omnibus bundle.

For only ten days in 2016, I participate in Homeschooling Omnibus 2016 bundle sale. Can you imagine how glad I am to be able to share this homeschooling life safer resources to my readers?

Omnibus to Start, Renew, and Live Up Homeschooling


Great Value

Products purchased individually are $420, but in the Omnibus collection, the cost is only $25. The cost of the Omnibus is 6%of the value (regular price if bought individually).

This bundle will also include My last item in my shop, Poem Collection Copywork that you might purchase separately in my shop which value $7.5

Click the picture bellow to check the Omnibus 2016 Catalog

Homeschool Omnibus

Undoubtedly Quality

  • There is a DVD and Thumb Drive option for people who want a physical copy.
    Learning doesn't have to use the books only. You can listen to the recording in the handphone or iPod while you are cooking or do something else. You might download the MP3 files or you might get the DVD if you prefer to. 
  • 1
  • The digital downloads come in 2 formats (PDF and Kindle).
    If you have a kindle device, you will need the mobi type files to download and upload them to your kindle device. The PDF files can be printed whenever you need it.
  • These are all books written by homeschool parents.
    All of the information, encouragement, and resources are created by homeschooling parents who have experienced the wonderful and terrible moments of homeschooling their children. They are willingly sharing with you,
  • There are company freebies/discounts included as part of the bundle.

To get more information about the other products included and the sale, click the picture bellow

Homeschool Omnibus

Huge Urgency

The Omnibus sale only occurs a week. For these 5 years, there are always some new reources available in the sale. There is never exactly the same lists of items. I have been a very happy customer since I can enrich my personal development as a homeschooling mom. Once the sale finishes, there won’t be the same bundle of resources

Therefore, don’t forget to purchase the original homeschooling bundle before it disappears after August 8, 2016. Click the picture bellow to purchase

Free Printables

Free Omnibus Samples

For my readers, I would like you to get some FREE printable from the samples and excerpts of e-books. These samples will be removed a t the conclusion of the Omnibus sale on August 9, 2015. The authors have provided the printables generously so I hope that you do not bookmark the link samples as an attitude of respect. You might download and save them for your own belonging.

Click the pictures bellow to download them. I hope that you like them.

Teaching Music in Your Home
by Mary Prather
from Homegrown Learners 

*Title and sample include Christian content

Important Notes

For you not to miss the 2016 Omnibus and to get more out of it, here are a few notes and timeline to follow:

  • Sale runs 10 days from April 29 to May 8, specifically 12:01 AM Eastern Time, April 29 to 11:59 PM Pacific Time May 8.
  • Files will be available online only until 11:59 pm Thursday, June 30.
  • Files on Thumb Drive or DVD will be shipped on May 31.

Don’t miss the 2016 Omnibus annual sale of digital piles to give more excitement in your homeschooling and to develop yourselves as homeschooling moms. Click the picture bellow to purchase

Homeschool Omnibus

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