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52 Story Books for Middle Schoolers in A Year

52 Story Books for Middle Schoolers in A Year

Story books for middle schoolers have transitional forms from childhood to adulthood in terms of content and structure.

  • ​They have longer form than the picture books with smaller letters.
  • They have more "mature" content than the picture books. Usually, they contain some identity pursue of the teens characteristics.
  • The contents are also various from the imagination, adventure, a little romance, myth, etc.

Today I would like to share 52 story books for middle schoolers that can be read in a year. They are the best books I found in the library where I worked and the Newberry winning books I find in Amazon. All of the links are affiliate links that will not make readers lost anything. I would like to confess that the older Newberry winning books were much qualified for me in terms of language and contents, but we cannot avoid the modern age influence in the story. I have read some of these books, but I haven't read the others. There are also some abbreviated classical for teens and children. From these books, I hope that you can explore each of them weekly so that they will make a year stock of deeper reading.

52 Story Books for Middle Schoolers in A year

In this list, I don't give any excerpt for all of the book yet. However, I would like to add them later on. To follow up the reading activities, you might look up some study guide in 7 Sisters Homeschool ebook store. I like the products in the store as they are very supportive for the high school reading and writing activities. Well, I know that this is not a high school reading list yet, but there are couples of study guide available. Click the picture bellow to visit.

Story Books for Middle Schoolers in A Year

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