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Write Through The Bible with The Younger Learners

Reading the bible is one habit that needs to be done regularly with the children. At the same time, you might be pushed to go faster before kids get bored. It is not easy to read the bible with children in preschool and kindergarten levels. Children at the ages are still difficult to sit down […]

How Do We Memorize The Scripture? Bible Memorization Made Easy is The Answer {A Review}

How Do We Memorize The Scripture? Bible Memorization Made Easy is The Answer {A Review}

There are a lot of ways to memorize the bible and here is a method to memorize the scripture. Bible Memorization Made Easy is really helpful for us to practice the method. Today I would like to share a bit religious post. However, although you might not be a Christian, you still can follow what […]

God First Loved Us: A Valentine’s Devotional Journal for Kids: A Review

Last week I was very confused about what we are going to do with our Valentine day. I was not sure of how to make our Valentine day more meaningful without spending too much money. By chance, the Valentine’s day usually comes around the same time with the Ash Wednesday or the opening of the […]

The National Bible Month 2013

September is announced as a National Bible Month for Indonesian Catholic Church. Each year it has different topic to focus on. This year topic is “Bible in the Family”. Although there are four times meeting in our cells which I don’t, we try to focus our morning sessions with bible routines. There there are some […]

The Importance of Memorization and Drilling in Education

There are a lot of modern methods and technologies in education world, so that many people start leaving memorization and drilling in children education with thousands of reasons. It is said that memorizing and drilling wastes our learning time which can be substituted with technology and references. Why do we need to memorize multiplication and […]