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10 Unexpected Conditions That Can Threaten Your Homeschool

The endpoint of homeschool is being burnout. Here are 10 most common homeschool burnout triggers threatening homeschooling families.

It is not easy to stay consistent with the decision to homeschool children after going through some process of making a decision. The endpoint homeschool is being burnout. It means to stop homeschool children. After homeschooling for a decade, I can see the 10 most common homeschool burnout triggers threatening homeschool families around the world. […]

When Homeschooling Doesn’t Make Everyone Happy

Many people think that homeschooling sounds like the perfect education style for all families around the world. In the reality, there is a time when homeschooling doesn’t make everyone happy. First of all, parents are often unhappy with homeschool: Messy House I don’t know with other homeschoolers. Most of homeschoolers’ house or rooms are not […]

I Can’t Homeschool Because I Am Not Confident At All

  Making a decision to do a full time home education your children is not something easy. Parents are usually faced with a lot of consideration. Lacking of confidence in anything to be a homeschooling mom is the biggest problem that I had. You might give similar response towards any resistance toward homeschooling. Many parents […]