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10 Ways Out When I Cannot Teach My Children


Homeschooling is a decision made by parents to educate their children at home in many different ways. Although there are many cynical opinions about the teaching certificates which doubt the education quality, mothers are usually the teacher in a homeschooling family, especially if the children are still young. In this case, the role of a […]

5 Tips to Get Homeschool Children Want to Learn

It is not always easy to have homeschool children want to learn. When will children learn independently? How do parents help when they don't want to learn?

Have you ever wonder why your homeschool children are unwilling to learn? As parents, you must have tried hard to motivate them to touch the book, to ask questions, and to initiate some learning action. There are times when my children really pull my hair. It sounds that I am the one that both need and […]

When Homeschooling Doesn’t Make Everyone Happy

Many people think that homeschooling sounds like the perfect education style for all families around the world. In the reality, there is a time when homeschooling doesn’t make everyone happy. First of all, parents are often unhappy with homeschool: Messy House I don’t know with other homeschoolers. Most of homeschoolers’ house or rooms are not […]