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Hands-on Ancient Greece Unit Study

Ancient Greece is a great topic to learn in the World history. Hands-on Project Passport: Ancient Greece Unit study will give wonderful learning experience with several alive learning skills covered. World history is our favorite subject in our homeschooling. For us, story telling always works well for us. Yet, many children have more demand on hands-on materials. In […]

Solar System and Space – Resources and Activities

Here is a list of reccomended solar system and space resources and activities to accompany the astronomy study in Solar System and Space Notebooking Pages.

Solar system has never been separated from the space learning. Children are thirsty of solar system and space resources and activities. Well, it happens to my children. This year we have just finished our solar system and space units for our elementary and middle school grade levels. They really enjoy that topic. Moreover, they surprised me […]

{Limited FREE Printables} Rainforest Unit Study Resources

Rainforests are the home of various living creatures. It is an endless topic to explore. Here are some rainforest unit study resources we would love to share.

  The rainforest is the richest habitat with the most various living things in the world. Even some people say that rainforest is the lung of the planet Earth. Exploring the rainforest will not lead us into the ending. This year, we concentrate in Biology for our science. Three of the children are doing biology. […]

30 World, Continent and Country Study Teaching Ideas

Mapping activity is not the only way Exploring the World, The Continents, and The Countries. There are some other exciting activity ideas to explore the world and to engage geography. #Geography #Homeschool #ihsNet

Mapping activity is not the only way of teaching about the world, continent, and country. There are some other exciting World, Continent and Country Study Teaching Ideas to create exciting and fun Geography activities. Geography has been a great subject for us to explore the world, the continents, and the countries on the planet Earth […]

Writing in the Modern World Classically with Writing from Rhetoric

It was a very devastating time finding a writing program that is really suitable with my children. They have just finished their grammar stage based on the classical method that we are There are a lot of options to choose. They start from the most classical to the most modern way to learn writing. We have […]

North Star Geography for “Homeschooling Teachers”

  Geography is a branch knowledge of social studies. It is started to be separated from the whole social studies into a specialized lessons. It means that once you have a middle school children, parents need to see a more detail facts and skills to equip their children with adequate program. Thinking about that, I […]