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7 Reasons People Hate Mathematics

Not everyone has the same thought and impression like me. I wonder how people could hate mathematics. Today I would like to share my thought about 7 Reasons People Hate Mathematics. #Mathematics #Homeschool

I love mathematics a lot. This is my favourite subject ever since I stepped my feet to the kindergarten until I graduated from high school. I didn’t have mathematics in college. It is a fascinating and magic tool to help me solve a lot of daily problems involving numbers, probability, shapes, etc. I wonder how […]

The Ultimate Guide to Mathematics Lessons for Homeschooling

Mathematics was the lesson I loved when I went to school. However, the way I studied mathematics was very different from it is right now. There wasn’t any computer at all like now and I might not write on the workbooks since I had to pass both the text books and the workbooks to my […]

Top 10 Mathematics Manipulative and Tools

Top 10 Mathematic Manipulative and Tools

Not everyone can think in abstract world. Many people need something on their hands to get them understand better on the objects. Mathematics has been my favourite subject when I was at school, but it is the most hated subject one of my sons has. Therefore, since he started learning it, we always keep some […]