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When Homeschool Needs Flexible School Schedule

There are a lot of time when excuses come to homeschool. They demand great flexible school schedule to make sure homeschool meet the goals and deal with the break time. It makes many homeschool moms stress out and give up to scheduling homeschool. You will feel that your homeschool planner disgusting. Too many things to […]

Raising Modern Boys with the Old Knight Chivalry Codes

Raising Modern Boys with the Old Knight Chivalry Codes

How different are the modern boys who are friends of the modern sophisticated gadgets from the boys in the middle age who are trained to be knights? It is very contrasted to implementing the old knight chivalry codes to raise modern boys who cannot leave the sophisticated technology in their daily life. On the other […]

How to Introduce Children to The Sexual Education with the Biblical Approach

How to Introduce Children to The Sexual Education with THE "Biblical Approach

Most parents feel not confident to introduce their children to the sexual education topic. Therefore, it needed a lot of time for me to start the talk about the topic with my children. Biblical approach or scientific approach? In fact,  There were a lot of consideration in my mind. What ages is the most appropriate […]

Hands-on Ancient Greece Unit Study

Ancient Greece is a great topic to learn in the World history. Hands-on Project Passport: Ancient Greece Unit study will give wonderful learning experience with several alive learning skills covered. World history is our favorite subject in our homeschooling. For us, story telling always works well for us. Yet, many children have more demand on hands-on materials. In […]

A Writing Application To Organize Writing

Reading and writing is a pair of language skills that are related each other. When someone love reading, they will usually write better than those who rarely read. However, this fact seems doesn’t support some people, including my sons. Although my sons like reading, they cannot stand to sit down and write. When it is […]

Write Through The Bible with The Younger Learners

Reading the bible is one habit that needs to be done regularly with the children. At the same time, you might be pushed to go faster before kids get bored. It is not easy to read the bible with children in preschool and kindergarten levels. Children at the ages are still difficult to sit down […]