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Solar System and Space – Resources and Activities

Here is a list of reccomended solar system and space resources and activities to accompany the astronomy study in Solar System and Space Notebooking Pages.

Solar system has never been separated from the space learning. Children are thirsty of solar system and space resources and activities. Well, it happens to my children. This year we have just finished our solar system and space units for our elementary and middle school grade levels. They really enjoy that topic. Moreover, they surprised me […]

{Limited FREE Printables} Rainforest Unit Study Resources

Rainforests are the home of various living creatures. It is an endless topic to explore. Here are some rainforest unit study resources we would love to share.

  The rainforest is the richest habitat with the most various living things in the world. Even some people say that rainforest is the lung of the planet Earth. Exploring the rainforest will not lead us into the ending. This year, we concentrate in Biology for our science. Three of the children are doing biology. […]

Notebooking with Science

Notebooking Division Science is the favorite subject that children love. We use notebooking in science as well. There are a couple of ways we can divide the science notebooking page binder: Division Based on The Notebooking Types Theory The theory pages are usually printed reference, any cheat sheets or summary to look up in a […]

Some Science Lab Equipment Suggestions

How do you like doing experiments in science? We do like science experiments. We used simple kitchen utensils to do some science experiments. When kids are growing up, we started thinking of investing for science lab equipments. It can support our research skill activities in science. We started collecting some science lab equipment three years ago […]

Investing Some Science Lab Equipments for Homeschooling

There are a lot of components that make science lessons more various and not boring. Experiments are hands on components in science lessons that can give supports to the whole science lessons. How different science lessons with and without experiments are! A science lesson with experiment will make the lessons alive and joyful so that it […]

Research Skills in Science – The Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas

Hello everyone, Meet you again in iHomeschool Network Blog Tour. For 31 days, we are having a seri of visiting the authors of The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas from 55 moms about 103 topics in 560 pages . It is an honor for me being involved in the book writing. This is the first […]