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Hands-on Ancient Greece Unit Study

Ancient Greece is a great topic to learn in the World history. Hands-on Project Passport: Ancient Greece Unit study will give wonderful learning experience with several alive learning skills covered. World history is our favorite subject in our homeschooling. For us, story telling always works well for us. Yet, many children have more demand on hands-on materials. In […]

Our World History Resources

Hi everyone, As I wrote on my previous posting about history, world history has been one of our favourite lessons. Our spine book is The Story of The World Series. It is recommended in The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition). If you want to peek inside all the main […]

Getting The Ballance “Story” Between The Indonesian History and The World History

World history has been our another favourite subject in homeschooling. It is uncommon in Indonesia to love history lesson. If you knew how our public school history presented here, I would be very confident to say that you wouldn’t like it ever. Before I talk about the differences between our Indonesian history and World history, […]

Our Third Month of School 2013 – 2014

Wow, it has been our mid semester. This weekend we just went to a field trip to close the first term in this academic year. I will post it separately about it later. Mathematics Ken has just finished his geometry chapter which deals with volume, surface area and areas of triangles, paralellogram, trapezium, rombhus, etc. […]