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10 Ways to Teach Writing More Lively and Practically to Teens with WriteShop

Writing can be boring and exhausting. Some parents are not confident and experienced. Here are 10 ways to teach writing to teens with Writeshop.

Writing is a language strand that is not always easy to do for learners or to teach for parents. Teaching and learning writing can be so boring and exhausting without a reliable curriculum in homeschool. Meanwhile, some parents are not confident and experienced in teaching writing. Today I would like to share 10 ways to teach writing to teens with WriteShop more lively and practically. Thus, learners can enjoy writing, and parents can feel released in mind.

I was compensated for my time in writing this post.  All opinions are my own and I’m genuinely thrilled to partner with WriteShop

WriteShop is an established award-winning writing curriculum which is specialized to provide homeschool family a solid writing curriculum since 2001. It is not a new curriculum for us because we have already used it since the beginning of our homeschool, in 2011. This year, we decide to return to WriteShop for our youngest homeschooler who just started his high school year. After 2 years of absence, we have a chance to work on the 5th edition of WriteShop I with the Video Course.

WriteShop I & II

Teaching children to write a high-quality composition is more difficult than teaching them to hold a pen or pencil. Children can start writing a simple composition as soon as they can read. It will continue for a lifetime as a hobby and/or a demand. The higher level of education is the more complicated writing children need to work on. Thus, a strong writing skill foundation is very essential in education.

It doesn’t mean that the basic writing skill is more important than the more advanced ones. Both writing content and skills should develop hand in hand.

During our homeschool journey, I found that it is very confusing to do a transition from the elementary or grammar stage to the middle school or logic stage. When children come to the high school or rhetoric stage, they will only have to continue what they have done in the previous stage more seriously. The transition period is challenging because it happens when children in the teen period. Some more mature writer will demand more serious lessons and contents, while those who are not skilfull will need slower path lessons with teenage level of topics. This is the time when WriteShop I take over our writing.

WriteShop I & II are for learners on their 6th to 12th-grade levels. This series has vast ranges of writing skills with more serious topics and layouts that are suitable for learners in those age levels.

We started to use WriteShop I & II 4th edition 10 years ago. My youngest son has big age gaps from his brothers and he started writing late. Thus, he has just started to work on WriteShop 1 5th Edition. If you have already got WriteShop 4th edition, you might decide to purchase the recent 5th edition. Check out how WriteShop I & II 5th edition is different from the 4th edition

Writing can be boring and exhausting. Some parents are not confident and experienced. Here are 10 ways to teach writing to teens with Writeshop.

WriteShop I & II Video Course

With my first and second sons, WriteShop had not created the video course. After 10 years we used WriteShop, we are extremely excited to work on the 5th edition WriteShop I & II with the new video course. If you had had the older video course, here are some features the new video course has

  • a streamlined interface
  • improved course navigation
  • better visual appeal with fresh graphics
  • more concise teaching time
  • faster loading technology
  • fun examples and lots of humor
  • relevance for today’s teens
  • additional self-editing tips

Here is the preview of The New WriteShop I & II Video Course to help you to consider WriteShop I & II for your teens

The videos work well and seamlessly with the latest 5th edition. I also still works with the earlier versions as well.

Once you purchase this video, you can use it without an expiration date. Use them anytime you need according to your teen’s own pace of learning. You also can use it with your other children in your core family.

Teach Writing to Teens with WriteShop

Now that you know some features of The 5th edition WriteShop I & II with the new video course, I would like to share 10 Ways to Teaching Writing More Lively and Practically to Teens with WriteShop I & II

Consistent Writing Process

There are 30 lessons in both WriteShop I & II in total. All of them implement the same basic writing process for learners to follow consistently. As a result, learners are used to writing with a proven and correct system. It will not get learners a blank paper to submit at the end of the task. This is very crucial. When learners are used to working on a final writing product, they will be easily discouraged. As a result, their confidence will run away.

Fabulous and Helpful Blog

WriteShop has a fabulous and helpful blog that will inspire both parents and learners to be more enthusiastic in the process of teaching and learning. There are a lot of updated articles and ideas to enrich, to encourage, to educate, and to build up younger and older learners to write better. They work together with all WriteShop curriculums veryy well.

Integration with Grammar, Spelling, and Vocabulary

All lessons in WriteShop curriculums integrate writing to grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Of course, the delivery of the topics is different from level to level. WriteShop I & II have the most serious content of all.

I cannot say that you can use WriteShop to cover all of the English language strands. Grammar, spelling, and vocabulary topics are implemented based on each of the writing lessons. In this case, learners are encouraged to implement their knowledge in those language strands into their composition accordingly.

Facebook Community

WriteShop has a wonderful Facebook Group for parents to connect and to share their knowledge and concern. Parents can learn and get encouragement from each other. You will meet other parents who either enjoy or struggle in teaching writing to their homeschooled children.

Placement Quiz

There is a placement quiz for parents to help them decide which writing level their children belong to. It is not that easy to determine the right level for your children, especially when they are close to teenagers.

Clear and Thorough Instructions

Both student and teacher editions of WriteShop I & II have clear and thorough instructions. The Teacher Edition has every single step in detail for teachers or parents to the lessons. Following the Teacher Edition might make parents sounds like a real teacher. The Student Edition has step-by-step instructions aimed at students to follow independently. I love this one because it can help learners to work on the lesson independently and it can train learners to read instructions in detail.

All instructions in WriteShop I & II are in forms of checklists. As a result, user can give ticks to the square bullets which have been finished.

Videos Make the Live Learning Experience

We love the video course a lot. It can replace our prewriting session (for us). Following the video course before the lesson feels like joining a real writing class. Even my son throws a joke to me that it is much more enjoyable to follow the video course than to listen to my Indonesian English.

The videos are available with books and without books

Engaging Activities

To start each of the lessons, there are some activities learners can work on with parents’ help or independently. As I said previously, WriteShop will not leave learners with a blank page to work on writing assignments. There is a writing process to follow. Independent learners can work on the process without any help. In this case, parents have less control. There might be less number of learners in this group.

There will be more teens that need helps to get them to love writing. Then, here come WriteShop I & II with some engaging activities to start each lesson. Thus, learners will continue the next process with a good knowledge base and enthusiasm.

Educates Both Parents and Students

I have tried several writing curriculum in 10 years we have been homeschooling. As I know, WriteShop is the only one that send updated support continuously.

  • Everyone can read the WriteShop Blog and subscribe to get the latest tips, information, inspiration, and encouragement regarding teaching writing to learners across a range of level
  • We can follow WriteShop’s social media to get updates as well.

Integration with Homeschool Planet

Consistency is the key of being successful in many different areas, including teaching and learning. When learners are used to write regularly with the right method, they will likely show success sooner. Due to consistency, we use Homeschool Planet to schedule our Writing lesson. We are very lucky that The 4th edition of WriteShop I & II are included in Homeschool Planet so that I don’t have to schedule the lesson manually. Although the available WriteShop I & II are the 4th edition one, it is still very useful for me. Here are some differences between both editions.

If you are looking for an established writing curriculum for your homeschool, without hesitation, I would recommend WriteShop. More specifically, WriteShop I & II is the best writing curriculum we have been through for our middle and high school kids.

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