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Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free Review

End of year is really the most suitable time to talk about our new year resolution in many different areas of our life and roles. However, resolution doesn’t happen only once at the end or early of year. We always have some chances to develop ourselves for the better of us as long as God gives us time to live. Do you see how important here the existence of time in our life. With a fixed time of seconds, minutes, and hours in days and nights grouped in months and years we should be able to fulfil our life as a creature of God.

Then, how can we make our life meaningful in the time length that we don’t even understand how much we have finally in the end. I completely agree with Amy Lyn Andrew in her ebook Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You can Live Free that having planner will not help us a lot in this case. The statement in the book looks very contrast with a couple of posts that I published previously:

End Of Year Planning Time and 2014 Cornerstone Confessions Planner Review

What a waste of time and money to arrange and purchase planners for everyone when he or she has a lot of reasons not to stick to them one day. The person might be embarrassed in the future to purchase and to arrange one. I am not going to point or tell others about this problem that often happens. I myself had the same problem. I bought some wonderful planner, but In the end I could not fill it up in a whole year. My mood of planning was up and down. I guess many people are like that. As I had the problem, I browsed around the web and found Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You can Live Free, written by Amy Lyn Andrew, one of my favorite blogging guru.

Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You can Live Free is a trigger for my planning habit actually. This book doesn’t motivate me to plan at all, but it encourages me to arrange a purposeful and meaningful planning. This book only has 30 pages and cost a cup of coffee, but it can indeed change people life as it gives some to the point guidance to

  1. Accomplish many things successfully by picking a goal, making choice to achieve the goals, and following through it. 
  2. Reveal the secret of time management  by allocating the time for the steps of achieving the goals.
  3. Avoid time management pitfall by enforcing self discipline and having attitude of being a master of your life.
  4. Adopt time management principles by clarifying hope and plans to make them come true.
  5. Make a schedule that works by thinking about your roles and purposes of life, thinking about how to achieve the best things of those roles and purposes,  classifying the characteristics of activities, and arranging the activities into a more meaningful schedule. 

I am very happy that the book has very few pages so that I don’t need to spend more than 1 hour reading all pages. (FYI: English is not my native language.) Even I love reading and re reading again to remind me how to get the best for using my limited life time. This book is also very useful for everyone, whether you are a homemaker, a businessman, a homeschooler, a blogger, etc. Teaching kids about time management can be suited to their age. Before you teach them time management, we should be able to manage our own time first I think. Therefore, I dare to suggest my readers to purchase this book after I myself purchased it around a year ago.

It is great if you have read a lot of time management books and would like other people to read the same book as what you have read. Having this very short book will safe a lot of people’s time and can help many people life.

To get more information and to purchase this book, please click this picture bellow or above:

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20 thoughts on “Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free Review

  1. Tammy Doiel says:

    Adelien–I bought this through your link, but went to the kindle store to get it. Hopefully you get it. I love Amy Lynn Andrews, and I am serious about goals, so hopefully this will help. I think I’m just going to use gmail calendars and her printables to start with instead of buying a planner. I fail at planners, but do ok with calendars, so we’ll see. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Adelientan says:

      I am under affiliation experiment. Kindle is not available in Indonesia, but I am not sure about the affiliation. I am very happy that you help me with my experiment. Anyway, that is not my main purpose in sharing. Honestly. I just really love this product and I am very sure it is useful for many people.

  2. Kim @ WampumHome says:

    Oh, I could use a ‘personal’ organizer, I mean a living person to walk around with me all day! I am feeling like I have Granny ADD lately. Sounds like a great book, I’m going to give this some serious thought. I just bought a planner, but the book could be a good companion.

    • admin says:

      Definitely. It is about how you use and arrange your planner. We might see a planner is just to remind us not to miss something. Reading this book will tell you how you can use your planner as a life fulfilment.

    • admin says:

      Definitely. Time is money, right? If you put time into envelope like the way you allocate you salary, once you loose time in one envelope, you will have to “steal” one from another envelope.

    • admin says:

      I read and reread this book to make sure it is absorbed well in my mind. LOL… You should have one as she is one of my favorite mentors.

  3. Jennifer McCullough says:

    Hi Adelien,

    I’m glad you mentioned up front that this was a short book. I have so many books that I’d like to read, it makes it much more inviting to know that this one is a quick read. I could sure use some help in the time mgmt. department. Visiting from Family Fridays.

  4. Alicia says:

    I definitely need something like this! I often feel like my time slips away and I have nothing done! I havent redeemed myself since Thanksgiving! Thank you for recommending this Adelien!!

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