Thank You Levi Strauss For Our Blue Jeans

Thank You Levi Strauss For Our Blue Jeans, Activity Ideas and Free Printables

Welcome February 2014

Levi Strauss, a young man came from Germany, had a very hard life to survive. He was born in February 26, 1829. It is undeniable that Levi’s is one of the most solid and powerful brand of Jeans or Denims. Behind the great product, there was a wonderful man who invented it. We should thank Levi Strauss for his invention that makes many people from any range of ages, social economic, and society can wear similar dress appearance. However, there should be some unique things  that make Levi’s Jeans so special

Well, my sons like reading the biography of Levi Strauss in our Bahasa Indonesia biography comics. They admire him a lot for his perseverance and hard work. To commemorate him, we plan to have some activities devoted to him on his birthday.

Ideas for Activities

I try to mind map some activities about Levi Strauss integrated to some subjects. Click the picture below for a link to the document.

Levi Strauss Ideas for Activities


Biography Text to Read: :

Coloring Activity

Proofreading Activity

Word Search

Some Free Printables We Made

Thank You Letter to Levi Strauss
This activity is suggested to be done to close the unit. It is a conclusion of the topic about Levi Strauss we have learned. You can put it either on this paper or in any other paper to display.

Timeline or Levi Strauss Life
This is a part of taking note activity as a reading or listening comprehension about the life of Levi Strauss. Sequencing fact cards of Levi Strauss’ life can be an alternative.

Make A Comic of Levi Strauss’ Life
This activity can be very interesting for those who loves drawing. It is suggested to make a list of the important points of his life before they make comic strips. The file provides some alternative numbers of boxes. Please choose based on the need and ability.

Design Your Own Jeans
This worksheet is provided to be used in visual arts. Observing around some clothes and accessories can give some inspiration to design a new style of clothes made our of denim.

Notebooking Page of Levi’s Strauss

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6 thoughts on “Thank You Levi Strauss For Our Blue Jeans

  1. Heather says:

    I got 3 levi jeans still going strong they are so nice and durable! I just don’t like that they have buttons instead of a zip.
    Looks like you put a lot of effort into this theme.

  2. Joan says:

    These are really great ideas, Adelien! I wear Levi’s Jeans sometimes and they are still well made – it is neat for me to see the history behind them!

  3. JoAnn says:

    Shelly DuVall Tale Tails has a episode that features Levi Strauss. It isn’t a 100% acurate but it is nice if you want to show a movie with what you are learning.

  4. Missy Homemaker says:

    What a wonderful idea to do a unit based on something so common designed by someone so wonderful! One of my sons will be moving into notebooking next year. I will absolutely keep this in mind for him. I LOVE your new header by the way.

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