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10 Unbelievable Things You Should Avoid to Do

Here are 10 things to say no to from Now for the sake of your children, your family, and yourself. Doing these might harm them and yourself.

As you get further along in your parenting, family, and personal life, you’ll start to realize that there are some things to say no to for the sake of your children, your family, and yourself. In time you may find yourself overwhelmed, overworked, and doing a bit more for your kids and for others than you should be.

I know that it is always not easy to refuse people who ask for our favors. It also happens to me. I will usually feel guilty for not being able to help them, while I am capable to do the errand. However, it often happens that accepting their request means there will be more sacrifice that I need to make for people around me. It might harm them as well.

10 Things to Say No To Starting from Now

If you’re finding that you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and simply exhausted after a day of raising kids, then you should learn to start saying no to these 10 things today. 

Matching Socks 

I know this may seem silly, but in order to keep your sanity, let go of trying to match up your kids’ socks. Instead, create a pile of socks and have them sort through and match up their own socks.  

Making the Bed 

Your kids will get to an age where they are old enough to make their own bed. Starting today, start saying no to your kids when it comes to making their bed.  

Picking up Messes 

As a parent, we often pick up a kid’s mess because it’s quicker and we just want a tidy home. Start saying no today to picking up your kids’ messes, they are old enough to do so on their own.  

Volunteering for Extra 

If you keep saying yes to extra volunteer hours with your community or local church, start saying no today. You’ll feel so much better having that little bit of extra time with the family. 

Picking Out Clothes 

Kids can start picking out their own outfits at a young age. Stop choosing your kids outfits, let them figure out what to wear and get dressed on their own from now on.  

Bedtime Extras 

Start saying no to any bedtime extras. This means when the kids are all tucked into bed and they’re yelling to you for a cup of water or something extra, simply say no.  

Bathroom Sharing 

Do not let the kid bother you while you’re in the bathroom. Start saying no when it comes to anyone trying to communicate through that bathroom door.  

Mom Guilt 

Tell yourself that you won’t feel guilty anymore about letting the kids be more independent.  When mom guilt sneaks in, tell yourself no, not today. Let it go. 

Doing Everything 

As a parent, we often try to do everything. We’ll say yes over and over again to our kids when they want us to do something extra for them. Just say no to doing everything for everyone in the house.  

Over Helping 

Start saying no to over helping, if your kids need a solution or an answer to something; stop figuring it out for them. Let them use their resources to find their own solutions to problems they have.  

These are the top 10 Things to Say No To starting today. There is nothing wrong with letting go, stepping back, and allowing your kids to be who they are and learn a bit of independence. At some point, they’re going to have to let go of their need to have you fix and do everything. 

Here are 10 things to say no to from Now for the sake of your children, your family, and yourself. Doing these might harm them and yourself.

Why Should You Say No?

It is much easier to get the reason to have the things to say no to from your end. Honestly, the main reason is you’ll feel calmer, have more free time, and be able to enjoy childhood while it’s here.

There are also reasons from the point of view of others. For many works I have done, I might have spoiled my children by doing the work. On some occasions, I will also steal my time for my husband and family. In addition, I will lose the time that I should be able to use for my hobby, my other works, etc.

We need to think about the priority as well. It might sound selfish, but we don’t always make everyone happy at the same time. Do you love your children or do you want all looks good faster? Do you want to educate your children or to get everything done faster by abandoning your children? Think about that.

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