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FREE Timeline Notebooking Pages

Get FREE Timeline Notebooking Pages to help your children record and organize the years in different subjects so that the learning will be more interesting

Have you ever hate memorizing years in your lessons? Years turn up everywhere in the lessons. When I was at school, those lists of years really made me get a headache a lot. WIthout the TimeLine Notebooking Pages, I don’t think we can handle everything with years.

  • Years were numbers that I didn’t really understand when it happened.
  • There were usually some events happen at the same years that made me confused to figure out.
  • When the year lists were getting more and more, I would close the book since I feel overwhelmed.

What about you? Do you feel nervous being introduced to the year list?

Years appear anywhere.

History and Other Social Studies

History is the lesson that you can meet lists of years more than other lessons. The years will tell you events happen in both past and probably future. School always asked the students to memorize a lot of years when I was young. Today, years are not memorized as rigid as it was, but learners still have to memorize and know some important ones only.


Years appear several time when the topic is related with inventions and biography. They were used to show the advantages, the disadvantages, and the progress of the science invention or events.

Arts and Music

The development of arts and music is very significant through observing the time line. There are also some similar characteristics that belong to the same era of development. By noticing the years when a masterpiece was created, we can easily relate the masterpieces one to another with the expectation that we can make a new one. Therefore, the list of years also cannot leave the world of arts and music.


It might be only in the upper grades that the knowledge of years can help learners to get more meaning in the religion lessons. If I were still in the school age, I would think that knowing the years in the religion subject is just something useless since it only keeps my brain busy without meaningful “message”. However, I find that knowing a sequence of years in other subjects will be more freshened when I find some religion facts among them.


As a part of arts, literature is also classified based on some eras. In each of those eras, there are some similar characteristics in between. Based on the characteristics, we can comprehend the pieces much better.

Organizing The Years and Events

Since the years appear in many different subjects in some subjects, they will make our memory crowded. We might not need to memorize all of them, but we might be overwhelmed to imagine one from another so that we are confused which one happened first. Therefore, we need a tool to organize the years. Here comes the timeline to help learners organizing the years and events.

The Various Ways of Using Time Line

As a graphic representation of a passage of a time in a line, time line can be used in various ways.

  1. You might use a set of time lines as a poster on the wall so that everyone can see thoroughly what happen and when. It is great to use this method if you have children discussing the same thing at the same time. If you use the time line as a wall poster, you will get children or yourself to write on the time line regularly when you find an event happens in certain period of time.
  2. You might use timeline as set of flash cards using some construction paper and keep it in a box or any available container. This is very practical, but we cannot see the comparison clearly.
  3. What we are doing now is to put the timeline into a notebooking page set since children do different things at the same time. They cannot track the time line in the same way.

How Can Time Line Help?

Time line can be useful to help learners to

  • Give a visual aid of time and sequence
    We can imagine the sequence of the time in certain limit. When the years appear anywhere and in many different subjects, the sequence will be more confusing. Using time line, the events are represented by images or writing in the same line so learners can visualize the sequence and existence.
  • Trigger some inquiry to the next point
    Using time line, learners are expected to know what the next point or the next event is. They will be more interesting to make the line full of events, so that they will try to find out more.
  • Comparing the events between subjects
    Time line can merge many events into one place so that learners can compare what happen in the same time from some different subjects. This make the learning more exciting.

I make this time line notebooking pages by myself. I put the area of learning clarification on the side of all of the pages. Basically we use it mainly in the world history lessons. However, when some of the years are incorporated with other subjects, we would combine this timeline with the lesson by giving other color to the subject label box.

Timeline With Pictures

Our Tools for the Timeline Notebooking Pages

Notebooking activities are very various. It also happens with the time line. To fill in the time line notebooking, you pure handwriting or some pictures for figures. For several years we use time line figures to make the notebooking more attractive and interesting. Here are the tools that we use for our time line notebooking activities:

  1. The Time Line Figure Sets (affiliate)
  2. Coloring pencils
  3. UHU Glue
  4. DIY year dividers
Get FREE Timeline Notebooking Pages to help your children record and organize the years in different subjects so that the learning will be more interesting

FREE Timeline Notebooking Pages

For my readers, I would like to give away the time line notebooking page sets FOR FREE OF CHARGE. Please fill in the form bellow to lead you to download. I hope that you find this resource useful.

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