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Using Coschedule to Manage the Blog and Social Media Post

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Using Coschedule to Manage the Blog and Social Media Post

It is a very long time not to take care of my blog so that I miss my readers a lot. It was very lucky that two weeks ago I decided to sign up Coschedule, an integrated social media and blog posting calendar plugin for Word Press.
As a homeschooling mom and a blogger, it is very hard to keep those role function in balance. I have been using ranges of planners and even I make my own planners to keep things in balance.

However, one thing that make me desperate with blogging is how to deal with social media posting. You might have a or some virtual assistant(s) to help you with the social media posting task, but I still think that I am too early to hire a virtual assistant at this moment. On the other hand, what makes my blog grow is the social media posting, promotion, and regular posting. Having great contents and posting frequently will not be able to attract visitors reading my posts. Therefore, I even spend more time on the social media than posting. Luckily, an information about Coschedule came to me and I decided to try for free. I think this is the plugin that all bloggers, especially homeschooling bloggers need to have for some reasons:

Coschedule help me to save my time
Coschedule let me sit once in a day or a week to type and program all social media posting and promotion in Facebook page, Facebook timeline, Facebook groups, Twitter, Google plus page, Linkedn, and Pinterest board.

Coschedule let me organize my blog contents
Using coschedule I can map my posts and the social media promotion publication. Therefore, I will publish the blog posts and social media promotion on the right time and place. Before using Coschedule, I used buffer or Hootsuite to post on the social media and calendar plugin to map the post. They have been helpful for me, but I only could not post on Pinterest boards where most of the traffics come from. I also could not post on groups that are suitable with the post content. Coschedule has taken the job of calendar plugin with great feature of social media manager.

Coschedule can track both the blog and social media post effectively
Based on the social media post we publish, Coschedule will track the sharing number of our post. Therefore, we can learn how effective our posts are. Next time, I will do much better strategy to get better performance.

Coschedule has a great feature to note some to do list altogether.
I really love how Coschedule can work together with my blogging planners synergically. Blogging planners are my on paper strategy while Coschedule can replace a bit job of an electronic blogging planner and realize what have been written in the manual planners.

Coschedule makes me possible to handle more than one blog in one place and at a time.
I don’t need to visit my blog admin dashboards of my blogs to be able to schedule my posts anymore. Just go to one place at one time to do that. They cost just one subscription price.

Features of Coschedule

Coschedule solves the different time zone problems.
As a blogger who live on a different part of the world, I have to be able to adjust my time of posting to the peak time where most of my readers live.

Coschedule gives me social media posting choices: text post, image post, and link post
I am not worried anymore about what can of post that will appear in the social media. Even I don’t need to type too much as there are short codes for the title and permalink that appear automatically in the edit blog post window.

Social media posting

Coschedule is integrated with Bitly, Google Analytic, and Buffer
Buffer can post the status multiply while Google Analytic can track the post growth. Bitly can be used to shorthen the link to make the status updates easier to read. What a perfect integration it is.

Coschedule Integration

Coschedule has wonderful customer service.
The customer service officers are very friendly so that I feel no worry for any trouble I have in using the plugin. They sent some letters to make sure I don’t have any trouble.

Here is a video showing more detail how to work in Coschedule

To sum up, my family take the most important part in my life. However, I also enjoy blogging as a ministry and I start making some money out of it. Therefore, signing up for a great plugin that can give me more time with my family without leaving my commitment as a blogger has given great advantages for me. For any bloggers that would like to use more your blog without leaving it to other priorities, Coschedule should be able to help.


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    You can also try out Brightpod ( for editorial calendar designed for marketing teams. Helps marketers get clarity and visibility when working on multiple campaigns, projects, tasks, due dates etc.

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